Are your words helping or hurting?|Watch your mouth!!! @phetteogburn #VerbalAbuse #TongueLashing


This episode is about watching the words that come out of your mouth. Are you mindful of what you say? Are your words healing or hurting people?

For many years, I was known for having a sharp tongue, cussing folks out and cutting them with my words. I often did this when I felt attacked, betrayed, used, or just downright slighted. And to think, once upon a time, I prided myself in being verbally abusive, thinking that doing so was much better than physically attacking someone.


What people have said to me has had a greater impact than any fist fight I’ve been in.

Check out my vid to see what a former co-worker said to me over 10 years ago that lingered and stuck with me up until very recently. Choose your words carefully.





**Don’t stop until you get there. –fee~ETT**

Address NOT Suppress Healing Series: Family @phetteogburn

Hey y’all,

A few months ago, I announced on my YouTube Channel that I would be doing a series called Address NOT Suppress, a healing series. This series will essentially be documenting my healing journey and getting to the essence of being a better ME.

I saw a therapist yesterday, who I believe will not only help me address my issues, but also disrupt patterns and cycles that have kept me repeating unhealthy behaviors for several years.

I’ve chosen to share my journey with hopes of helping others become unstuck. As long as you have breath, it’s not too late. I have to do this, not only for me, but for my 2 girls, my 2 daughters, who are already displaying some behaviors that I know are being mimicked.

**Homework — Have you reached out to the person(s) who is evoking so much emotion, to let him/her know how you feel?

MY ANSWER – Yes, and it wasn’t received like I wanted it to be, thus why it still hurts.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Remember, ADDRESS NOT SUPPRESS. In order to heal, you gotta keep it real. –fee~ETT





I cut/removed my 5-year-old locs!!! @phetteogburn #ShortHairDontCare #Tapered #Shaved #Natural

Hey y’all,

In the vid below, I talk about how/why I removed/cut my locs. Some people are still under the impression that locs are “permanent” and cannot be removed. I will say that it is a super tedious process but not at all impossible. This happens to be the 3rd set I removed.

I began removing my locs in the top section of my head on April 27th. I picked away at it (literally with a thumb tack) for 3 weeks straight. I cut about an inch from the ends because most of the hair towards the ends was dead anyway. So why spend more time than absolutely necessary?

Please check it out and let me know what you think.





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Betrayed Book One Part FIVE is FINALLY here on #Smashwords & @AmazonKindle! Coming Soon on @NookBN! #amreading


Sylvia Hubbard has done it again. Check out Part 5 of Betrayed – The City Boys Series, as well as Parts 1-4. She is the Queen of Romance and Suspense.

Originally posted on The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard:

I’m still reeling from my #SneakReaders making Betrayed #22 at

I know this book is wayyyy late and I’m so sorry about that.

Actually I had this book ready a week and a half ago, but a lot of negative talk prevented me from really completing the book. On top of that, my car broke down so getting up at four in the morning and then getting to bed at eleven at night kept me exhausted.

Yesterday, I worked my sweat equity for Habitat Detroit and I thought I’d come home and put my face into the book, but I was too sore and tired.

So I canceled everything on Sunday, and stuck to my guns to make sure I gave my SneakReaders what they had been patiently waiting for.


This is the fourth installment of The City Boys Series of Betrayed Book One. An urban romance suspense where…

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Thanks for your continued love and support.





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