Works In Progress ~ W.I.P.

Innocence, GA ~ coming March 1, 2014 –>InnocenceGAExcerpt

**She Tales~ Date TBD. Part of the collabo with 3 Chicks & Some Books!
*Synopsis – Shameer is on top of the world. He’s handsome, wealthy, and pretty much gets what he wants. When he finds out his wife is unfaithful, he has her murdered. Condemning all women as whores, he seeks out young, inexperienced women to wreak havoc on…until he meets his match, Sharlah, who thwarts his plans by fabricating intricate & elaborate stories chock full of fantasies and cliffhangers. She does this for 1,001 nights to spare her life. Will Shameer have her meet her fate anyway or will he become a changed man?

**He’s Mine: An Infatuated Girl Story ~ Date TBD
*Synopsis – Kia could use a friend as she struggles to settle in after relocating to a new town. Life soon gets better when she lucks up and meets two prospects vying for her attention. Who will she choose…better yet, are they who they’re cracked up to be? Will she string them along or will the choice be made for her?

Dear Yvette: A Promiscuous Girl Series ~ Date TBD
*An only child, Yvette craves attention. With an absent father and an emotionally bankrupt mother, she gets noticed the best way she knows how ~using her body. She meets and falls in love with the boy of her dreams and he breaks her heart. She quickly learns how the game called LIFE is played and refuses to show any real emotions towards a man again.dearyvetteJPG

** = Short story

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