Part 3 – Sneak Peek: S & M

When spring finally arrives in Michigan it is quite beautiful. I was able to wear my favorite white linen pants and a white crocheted halter top. I slid on my silver sandals with the rhinestones to set it off. My toes were freshly polished and my heels scrubbed –ready for the season. I picked up my phone before walking out the door, but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a message from Quatrina Brantley.

I placed my purse on the table, sat down and began reading.

You don’t know me, but apparently you are familiar with my husband. I know you know he has a wife, so I’m not sure why you are choosing to keep communicating with him. But I’m coming to you woman to woman when I say STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!!!! I saw the comment you left on one of the pics on his page. He is my man, not yours. Consider this your warning. I know you’re probably thinking that I should check him instead of you, but believe me, he’s getting his too. Don’t you worry about that. If I have to say anything else to you, I will be contacting your husband. And yes, I have been doing my research. Don’t mess with me.

I’m not the one!

My heart sank to the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Threatening to tell my husband because of a simple comment on a page? I was done with Kenzu. I was done with it all. I couldn’t risk my husband finding out and jeopardize losing my family.

The day proceeded like normal, aside from not having received any calls or messages from Kenzu. The day moved in slow motion. I completed tasks with no sense of hurry. I scrawled on random pieces of paper until it was time to punch out. Why was I tripping over a dude that I barely knew? And, not only that, a dude that wasn’t even mine? I guess it was because of the fantasy it provided. A form of escapism. He would speak to me in a way that put all my troubles at ease. He knew what to say and when to say it. Whenever I was sad, he would cheer me up with personal poems. Oftentimes when I’d get off work there would be a bag on my windshield full of my favorite things. He was considerate like that.

I had gotten the girls off to bed and was watching television and periodically checking my phone. Still nothing. Because I was shaken up by the message I had received earlier, I didn’t dare message or call him. I needed to talk to him. I needed to find out what happened and why/how his wife singled me out. The moment I put the phone down I got an alert in Yahoo Messenger.

Kenzu4u has requested to be your friend. Accept or Ignore.

I clicked “accept” and was immediately bombarded with apologies.

“My Queen. I am so sorry. Hw r u”

“I’m ok. Wht happnd?”

“my wife hacked n2 my acct. read all the messages we sent’

“WTF?!?! Hw did she do tht”

“idk I just knw she came 2 me w/pgs of our convo printd out. R u upset w/me”

“uh, yea. I’m disappointd. Ur supposd 2 b careful. U dnt c my hubby goin ‘round threatening u”

“I’m sry bay. Thts y I creatd ths new acct. she doesn’t knw abt this 1. its jst 4 u”

My anger subsided. His words were genuine. I trusted that it was lapse in judgment and that he wouldn’t allow it to happen again.

“so r yall ok now”

“as alright as we gon b. she said she’s leavn but I knw she aint”

“do u wnt her 2?”

“u knw wht, it wouldn’t even mattr 2 me. Like I told u b4 I shouldn’t hav gottn married n the 1st place. But I dnt wanna talk abt her. Lts talk abt u”

“ok. Wht abt”

“I want U”

A smile crossed my face and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“hw do u wnt me”

“I want 2 make passionate luv 2 u. I want 2 kiss and lick u all over. I want 2 place ur breasts n my mouth and gently suck and lick on ur nipples. I want 2 slurp ur pussy juices and have em drip all over my face. I wanna feel ur body shiver so hard that ur thighs will have my head tightly pressed into that pussy”


“is tht 2 much 4 u”

“hell no. do u knw wht I wanna do 2 u”

“please tell me”

“I’m gonna stroke u up and down until ur hard as a rock. Then I’m gonna take u n my mouth and just when ur about 2 cum I’m gonna jump on that dick and ride it like never before until u moan and scream my name. Then we’re gonna lay there, our bodies stuck 2gether by cum and sweat. I kiss ur cheek, then ur neck. U become aroused again. U lift my hips up and onto ur dick, guiding me up and down. then we do it again and again and again. Can u handle that?”

“I want u so bad right now. See?”

Picture sharing started that night. When the file finished downloading, I clicked preview and there it was. A big, black, hard penis plastered the screen like wallpaper. Next came a video of him stroking that big, black, hard penis until he released himself. I felt the stickiness in my panties. I hadn’t felt this way in years. I was aroused by a man who I had never met, just chatted and talked with for the past few months.

“Did u get the pics?” he asked.

“o yea. And the video 2”

“did u like em”

“of course. U got me wet over here”

“4 real? Wht r u gone do abt it”

“play w/myself & thnk of u”

“o shit. I wanna c. will u send me a vid”

“uh, I dnt knw abt tht.”

“y? becz of my wife? I told u she doesn’t knw abt this acct. trust me baby”

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