Jump Off ~monologue

Nice to meet you #2. No, that’s not a problem at all. In fact, I prefer it that way. I don’t have time to be checked about my whereabouts. I like to come and go as I please and…do…who I please. Yeah, you can take me out. Where you wanna go? Cool. Oh, you got a curfew? That’s messed up. See, that’s what you get for living with your girl. I don’t wanna get you in no trouble or nothing. Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ha ha. Yeah, I had fun last night too. And the night before that. I know your girl was mad because you got home at six in the morn. It was the bomb, though. Wasn’t it? Of course I’m ready for tonight. Can we go to the movies or something first? Uh! You don’t have time? But you got time to come get some, right? Ok. Alright. You can come over.

Hey #2. What you doing? Really? With who? Oh! Well have fun at the jazz festival with your girl. Nothing. Chilling. Wanted to know if you wanna come over. Oh. Ok. Maybe later. Hey #3. What you doing? Trying to see what you up to. Are you? Ok. Alright. Well, maybe after she go to sleep you can come over and put me to sleep. Ok. Talk to you later. Hey #4. I was just calling to see what you were doing. Sitting here. Bored. Thinking about you. Hit me up when you get a sec.

Nothing much #2. About to go to the movies. By myself. Um, no. That’s ok. Because. I a’int feeling it. Ok. Whateva. Bye! You know what #3, I’m so over this. I’m good enough for you to sleep with, but not good enough to wife. Please, just lose my number. No, #4 you cannot come over. You right. I did know about your situation from jump. But now, my situation has changed. I’m tired of settling. I’m tired of brainwashing myself into believing that I’m not worthy and that it’s in y’all nature to be dogs and I must tolerate it and roll with the punches because that’s as good as it’s gon’ get. So, do me a favor, don’t call me anymore. Better yet, I’ll just change my number to show that I am a priority and should be focusing on spending more time with #1…ME!

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