Innocence, GA (tentative novel title) #NaNoWriMo

Hey guys,

Keep in mind this is a work in progress. Which means, there’s no heavy editing whatsoever. My goal is to reach 50,000 words by November 30th. Bottom line, it’s about quantity not quality…(NaNoWriMo’s quote). I will be randomly posting excerpts, which may or may not be in sequential order to the previous post. I hope you enjoy, and please continue to leave your feedback. Thanks!

Tired of the blight in their neighborhoods, three girls relocate to a small town in sunny Georgia, where the people are happy and always friendly…until secrets are revealed and true identities are exposed.

0 Very frustrated
1 Ready to shoot computer
2 Shocked at what’s written
3 Sleeping
4 Watching TV
5 Logical & Calm
6 Working at novel
7 Joyful



Fatima had been getting hit on by girls a lot lately. She was convinced that it was because of her new Labret piercing. What else could it be she asked herself. As she sat on Mesha’s couch, she browsed the room for prospects…or lack of. All the men were short, fat, unattractive or just plain wrong. Each of them had gold teeth in some form or fashion, either the whole bottom row or one or two scattered about. So she wasn’t exactly disappointed when Ty stepped to her, albeit breaking the mold.

She had to be honest. It took her a while to notice that Ty was a girl. Not that her face wasn’t soft like a woman’s, but her clothing and the way she wore her hair resembled that of a dude’s. Her hair was cut very low with brush waves. She wasn’t top-heavy, so the flattening of her breasts with an ace bandage made them barely visible. She had on a beater, basketball shorts, and socks with Adidas sandals. Not the girly kind, the flat kind that you slip on and off.

Fatima was mesmerized by the shapeliness of Ty’s body. Even though Ty tried to mask it, Fatima could see her slim waist, plump ass, and thick hips and thighs through the excess clothing. An added bonus was the definition in her arms. They were a cross between Jennifer Garner’s and Serena Williams’. Flawless.

Knowing that she’d be in Georgia for only a week, she didn’t see anything wrong with flirting a little. Besides, who would know? Just like when in Vegas, what happens in Georgia stays in Georgia. She secretly watched her from the living room as she prepped the meal in the kitchen, practically drooling every time her muscles flexed when she stirred the noodles in the pot.

“Be careful. It’s hot.” Ty sat the bowl on the coffee table in front of her and walked away. I hope you like ‘em.”

Mesha and Dominique were back seated on the couch and taunting Fatima.

“All right now, Tima. Didn’t know you played for the other team.”

“Shut up, MiMi. You always got something to say.”

“I’m just saying…She is kinda cute though?”

“She is, right?” Fatima stared into space as she toyed with the idea of taking her flirtation to another level.

“Go for it, girl!” Dominique encouraged.

“Y’all sound crazy. Tima, don’t listen to her. We both know she is hard up right now and would probably screw anything that’s not nailed to the ground.”

“You right.” Dominique admitted with a chuckle.

“So, what’s her story, Mesha?” Fatima inquired.

“Let’s see, um, I don’t know much about her, really, just that her and my dad were in the military together. And, um, she likes to drink and get high. And, oh, she likes women!”

“Oh, so that’s your dad’s friend?”

“Yeah, but like I said earlier, they’re just roommates. She helps him with my little brother.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Fatima cooed.

“Mm huh! She’s cool peeps. I like her.”

“My food should be cooled off now.” Fatima twirled the long strings around the fork. “It’s ok, a tad too spicy for my liking.”


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