Innocence, GA (tentative novel title) #NaNoWriMo

Hey guys,

Keep in mind this is a work in progress. Which means, there’s no heavy editing whatsoever. My goal is to reach 50,000 words by November 30th. Bottom line, it’s about quantity not quality…(NaNoWriMo’s quote). I will be randomly posting excerpts, which may or may not be in sequential order to the previous post. I hope you enjoy, and please continue to leave your feedback. Thanks!

Tired of the blight in their neighborhoods, three girls relocate to a small town in sunny Georgia, where the people are happy and always friendly…until secrets are revealed and true identities are exposed.

0 Very frustrated
1 Ready to shoot computer
2 Shocked at what’s written
3 Sleeping
4 Watching TV
5 Logical & Calm
6 Working at novel
7 Joyful



Fatima was on the phone with a representative from the airlines, trying to get a reasonable price for extending her stay in Georgia.

“Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that I have to pay $100.00 if I wanna stay two more days?” She slammed down the phone.

Dominique was in the kitchen on the phone trying to get an extension as well. “Fuck!” She hollered as she went to Fatima. “What did they say to you?”

Fatima smacked her lips. “They talking crazy, talking ‘bout $100.00.”

“That’s the same shit they said to me. So, what you gone do?”

“What can I do? I can’t afford that. That’s all the money in my pocket, and we still got one more day left.”


“I’ll pay for y’all to stay.” Ty was sitting at the foot of the bed where Fatima was.

They both looked at her.

“What? Y’all staring at me like y’all done seen a ghost.”

She had the cutest country accent. She’d been here only a few months and was already sounding like T.I. Fatima couldn’t help but smile.

“Are you serious?” Fatima asked, hoping that she was because she had a tendency to play too much.

“Yeah! I wouldn’t joke like that. So y’all call them back and tell ‘em y’all staying for a few mo’ days.”

Fatima and Dominique squealed with joy.

“Soon as I get home I’m going to pay you back. I promise.”

“Me too.”

Ty looked Fatima in her eyes then said, “You’re worth it.”


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