10 People You Should Follow on #Twitter

Here’s a list of people worth following on Twitter (not in any particular order):

10. @duolit – They offer a wide range of “indie” writing advice in regards to publishing, marketing & other stuff.
9. @5M5QW – Joey Pinkney is an author and avid reader who does a great job promoting fellow authors on his site.
8. @Holla_KGreene – Kelly Greene is a Detroit native and thought writer and, along with myself, apart of the Motown Writers Network.
7. @sylviahubbard1 – Sylvia Hubbard is the founder of the Motown Writers Network and offers a bevy of resources for writers (and laughs). She was my biggest inspiration for publishing my book. #Realtalk
6. @kaiology – Author, blogger and my mentor. Follow her for regular doses of motivation.
5. @RoseyDXoXo – Author, blogger and fellow MWN member.
4. @lajefferson – Author, blogger and fellow MWN member.
3. @OneSingleRose – Rosemarie is one of the baddest (meaning good) Poets in Detroit. Definitely follow her because she’s doing great things!!!
2. @apblogopera – Anderson Place is an urban soap opera (on the web) based in Detroit, MI and its Metropolitan areas. Myself and 3 other writers contribute to the blog. Catch up on episodes on your lunch break! :0)
1. @SextMessaging – Sext Messaging is my 1st movie in the works –based on my short story S&M: Sexts & Messaging.

This is not an inclusive list, but a great start!!!


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