My #FlashFiction story: 21 ~ Part TWO #shortstory

To keep my creative, writing juices flowing, I’m choosing to partake in something called “Flash Fiction” writing. According to what I’ve read, it’s been around for many years. Essentially, it’s a short, short story under 2,000 words. However, I’ve also read that that number is fluid. So, anyhoo, together, my story surpasses that 2,000 word limit, but I’m breaking them into pieces to mimic excerpts/sneak peeks. I will not be doing any heavy editing. This is basically for FUN. But I’d still love for you to leave feedback.

Thanks and enjoy!!!




“Do you.” I whispered right back at Tiny.

It was still early. Early for the club that is. Since it was Brian’s big day, he demanded that I be there in enough time to sit with him in the V.I.P. booth. Sure he had plenty of boys that would be in there with him, but I was his best “girl” friend. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The three of us walked up the three short stairs and into the secluded section that was slightly elevated from the rest of the club.  Before my pumps graced that last step, I heard a very familiar voice over the up-tempo music.

“There go my baby.” Brian pushed through the crowd of family and friends and straight in my direction. “You looking good, Timiko.”

I’ve known this brother since we were eleven years old, and have seen him dressed up many of times. But the way he looked tonight, today, on his 21st birthday took my breath away. My thick-in-the-right-places frame was quickly engulfed by his six-four, football-playing, lifting-weights-everyday doing, arms like Ben Wallace having, manliness of a man.

“Hey, B. Happy Birthday.” We pecked on the lips, which is how we’ve greeted each other since, at least, the 10th grade. He gave the best hugs.

He introduced me and Tiny to the very few people we didn’t know. The others, we exchanged pleasantries.  The private room was getting packed.

“Good thing I got here when I did, huh? I wouldn’t have had anywhere to sit.” I said to Brian.

“Bullshit. I woulda made one of these other niggas stand before I let you.”  He winked and smiled.

My body started feeling some kinda way. But I ignored it and kept it moving. Brian motioned for me to sit in his booth of the night. I slid in the circular booth, feeling like I was in a scene from Scarface, only without the enemies and guns. Tiny sat on my right, Brian, my left. Jeff scooted right next to Tiny. She squeezed my thigh so hard, my reflex jabbed the side of her leg with my knee.

“How long have you been here?” Brian appeared to be a bit tipsy.

“Not too long. Maybe an hour.”

“And you buzzed already? What you been drinking?” I asked because he wasn’t much of a drinker. Two drinks could send him over the top.

He grinned and licked his nice, full lips. “I may’ve had a shot or two…or three. Maybe four.” He chuckled.

“Four?” Are you serious?”

“Be cool.” He gestured with his hands that I lower my tone. “What you drinking tonight?”


“I don’t even know why you’re thinking about it. You know you gone get what you always get.”

“Hush Tiny. You don’t know me.”  I smirked.

“You shole is right Tiny.” Brian said.

“You be quiet, too.” I picked up the drink menu just to prove a point. I flipped through the pages about a hundred times.

Tiny and Brian exchanged looks and giggled.

“Gimme that.” Brian gently snatched the menu. “I’ll be back with your Amaretto Sour.” He slid out the booth, looked back and winked.

“Hold up, man. I’ll go wit you.” Jeff stood up, asked Tiny for her drink order, then he and Brian headed towards the bar.

“Let’s get this party started!” Tiny circled her hands in the air.

“Uh uh. No chair dancing. Take that shit out there.” I pointed at the empty dance floor.

“Right after, about, my fourth drank. I’ll be ready.”

“Me too.”


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