My #FlashFiction story: 21 ~ Part FOUR #shortstory

To keep my creative, writing juices flowing, I’m choosing to partake in something called “Flash Fiction” writing. According to what I’ve read, it’s been around for many years. Essentially, it’s a short, short story under 2,000 words. However, I’ve also read that that number is fluid. So, anyhoo, together, my story surpasses that 2,000 word limit, but I’m breaking them into pieces to mimic excerpts/sneak peeks. I will not be doing any heavy editing. This is basically for FUN. But I’d still love for you to leave feedback.

Thanks and enjoy!!!




Still feeling the effects from last night, I reluctantly rolled over to answer the phone on my nightstand.

“Rise and shine, beautiful.” Brian’s too damn chipper voice pierced my barely wake ears.

“Yeah. Yeah. What time is it?” I squinted to make out the bright red digits on the clock but couldn’t get them into focus.

“A little after eight. Are you ready?”

He don’t forget shit. Then again, we are talking about sex here. “Um…can I please sleep for just a few more hours?”

“Eh…let me think about it? No.”

“Ok, how much time do I have?”

“I can be there in like, five minutes.”

“Five minutes!”

“Make that seconds. Being that I was soooo drunk last night and didn’t have any clue what I was talking about. Turns out, I wasn’t the drunk one after all.”

“B, it is too early for all that. What are you talking about?” I sat up and the room started spinning. “Ouch!” I clutched my forehead.

“Headache?” Brian sounded as if he was getting a kick out of this.

“Hold on.” I swore I heard something coming from the living room. “Shit, B. I think I heard something in the living room.”

“Are you sure? You might still be drunk from last night.”

“Now is not the time, B. Stop playing. What should I do?”

“Hold tight. I’ll be there…” Just then, Brian walked through my bedroom door. “Good morning.”

I was happy to know I wasn’t getting robbed, but I did have plenty of questions. He knew I needed answers, so he laid it all out.

“Did we…you know?”

“Hell naw. Now, that’s some shit you would’ve remembered.” Brian boasted. “The tables were turned. I had to drive you home.”

“But, I didn’t even have that much to drink, just that Amaretto Sour and those two shots that you begged me to have with you.”

“Oh, so I begged you?” He laughed. “Girl, make that five or six shots. You were feeling yourself.”

“Six shots?!?! Wow. Why didn’t you stop me?”

“Because you were in good hands. By then, I had stopped drinking.”

“What about Tiny?”

“Her and Jeff left together.”

“That’s my girl.” I still had my hand on my forehead.

“Here. Take these.” Brian gave me two Excedrin 800’s and a glass of water. “These should make you feel better.”

He was such a gentleman. Even with my head throbbing, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy he looked in his boxer briefs and perfectly fitted beater. Not the typical kind, the ones like 50 Cent wears. He must’ve stayed the night. I wanted my headache to hurry the hell up and subside because it wasn’t the only thing pounding. I made the decision to no longer fight it and to just give in to temptation.



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