What’s your fave genre of books to read

What’s your fave genre of books to read? Fiction/Non, Urban, Contemporary, Christian, Erotica, Romance, Suspense/Mystery…etc.

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11 thoughts on “What’s your fave genre of books to read

    1. Sylvia, I haven’t read any historical romance. I have to broaden my book game. LOL. I’m finding that I like to write Suspense more so than Erotica. I may dabble writing both…or maybe test more genres.

      1. gurl, try Virginia Henley or Johanna Lindsay. OMG! VH is awesome when it comes to erotic historical but JH is so good when it comes to plot and falling over and out of your seat in love

      2. start w/VH. i think the raven book (can’t remember the full name but i do remember raven) and for jH. OMG! there are so many, but any mallory brother will do and then there is one called Secret Fire that took my heart away

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