Help me rename one of my characters 4 a chance to win!!! @phetteogburn

As you guys know, I’m working on my 1st novel Innocence, GA and the 3 main characters are: Fatima, Ty, and Nydene. I decided today that I no longer like the name Nydene (Na-deen) and need your help renaming her. Here’s a little bio backdrop to help you out.

·5’7ish, dark brown skin, short hair
·Tomboyish but will wear a dress
·Insecure, follower, naive
·Life of the party, excellent dancer

I hope that’s enough to get the creative juices flowing. The winner will be announced Friday and will receive a complimentary copy of my book of short stories: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU, a sneak peek of my short story in progress or Innocence, GA when it’s released. So, let’s have some fun!!!!

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    1. Jazz, I like JoJo, not Jolisha…maybe if her “real name” was something other than that. I’m big on nicknames, so JoJo could work. Now, Kaydi…I’m digging that one. It’s going in the hat. Thanks for the feedback.

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