Address NOT Suppress Healing Series: Family @phetteogburn

Hey y’all,

A few months ago, I announced on my YouTube Channel that I would be doing a series called Address NOT Suppress, a healing series. This series will essentially be documenting my healing journey and getting to the essence of being a better ME.

I saw a therapist yesterday, who I believe will not only help me address my issues, but also disrupt patterns and cycles that have kept me repeating unhealthy behaviors for several years.

I’ve chosen to share my journey with hopes of helping others become unstuck. As long as you have breath, it’s not too late. I have to do this, not only for me, but for my 2 girls, my 2 daughters, who are already displaying some behaviors that I know are being mimicked.

**Homework — Have you reached out to the person(s) who is evoking so much emotion, to let him/her know how you feel?

MY ANSWER – Yes, and it wasn’t received like I wanted it to be, thus why it still hurts.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Remember, ADDRESS NOT SUPPRESS. In order to heal, you gotta keep it real. –fee~ETT





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