My many personalities…ALL are authentically ME! @phetteogburn


I hope everyone is enjoying this Labor Day. I’m off work today, but I’ve been working on my new home: unpacking, putting up pictures and finally got around to getting my blinds put up. It’s finally feeling like home and starting to look lived in. 😀

This week’s vid is is about my many personalities and how everyone has them… NOT just Geminis –who get a bad rep. We are all multi-faceted and not one dimensional. Having different personalities makes for more fun anyways. 😀

I made this video because I was told that I look mean, unapproachable…aloof, which is to the contrary. I am a serious person by nature and am always, always, always thinking, in deep thought, thinking of a master plan. Those things warrant a serious face, ya know? But moving on, just wanted to share that there are other sides to me, fun sides. And if you see me in these streets, don’t be afraid to speak. Promise I’ll speak back.

Here is a link to the YouTube Channel of the weekly dance/fitness/hustle class I attend:

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2 thoughts on “My many personalities…ALL are authentically ME! @phetteogburn

  1. I agree..I think that people are made up of several different people all wrapped up into one…it took me years to understand that I wasn’t one type of person..I used to feel so fake because I am a very sensitive, loving, nurturing person..but also a no nonsense, don’t cross me type of person…I didn’t know that I could be both or many for that matter…now I know that I have many me(s) and that ask if them is very relevant…and different people bring them out..or different thank you phette for sharing..I think this post is very relevant and helpful

    1. It took me a while to understand, too. For so long I adopted who people said I was, moody, evil, a bitch, etc. While I may have moments when I am those things that does not make me “those” things. They do not define me. So when I got clear on who I was/am, I shunned those negative characteristics that were attached to me and embraced me.

      Thanks for sharing lyricalpisces. 😀

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