Vlog Update and what I’ve been up to @phetteogburn #Cheetah4UJai #AddressNotSuppress

Merry New Year y’all!!!!

Yes, I know it’s good & February, but this is my 1st post of the year. It’s been a trying past few months, but I’m bizzack!!!!

This post is about what I’ve been doing & what’s to come.

BUT first, check out my new hair

Crochet Braids/Senegalese Twists
Crochet Braids/Senegalese Twists

Being the avid YouTuber that I am, I stumbled across the protective style: crochet braids. It’s easy & low-maintenance.

I was never a fan of weave before, mainly because I’ve always had long hair and didn’t really see a need to wear weave. But…NOW…I don’t think I’ll ever wear my real hair again. Not EVER!!! 🙂

Ok, so, enough about my hair.

Where the heck have I been?

Many of you know I lost my cousin in a house fire on Sunday, September 28, 2014, read that blog post HERE!!! In addition to coping with that, my laptop, that was accidentally stepped on (NOT BY ME) last year

Accidentally stepped on laptop
Accidentally stepped on laptop

, the screen eventually ended up going all black…thus becoming inoperable. Grrrr….

What I’m working on

While my computer was down, I scripted a new web series (Title to be revealed later on)…BY HAND…the Old Skool pen & paper & black & white notebook. YUP!!! I wrote 10 mini, webisodes. Talk about determination.

Address NOT Suppress

In an attempt to become more consistent and hold myself accountable, I’m going to post weekly episodes of Address NOT Suppress on Sundays!!! I want to prove to those of you who look forward to my messages that I am serious about helping you heal so that you can become your best version of YOU…’cuz, that’s what it’s all about, right?


To honor my cousin Jessica’s memory, her friends, my family & I rock cheetah print (and purple) because she loved it and wore it on a regular. Soooo…..

If you have pics of you rocking cheetah, send them to me at: hollinsphette@gmail.com OR follow me on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to add the hashtag #Cheetah4UJai, & I will shout you out on one or all of my social media channels.

Check out the vid for more details. And don’t forget to Like…share…subscribe…and comment. That’s not a whole lot to ask, is it?


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