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#AskPhette: 101

How does self love & self acceptance dictate how someone will treat you? How do you respond to someone who wants to treat you well if you don’t have a clear idea about who you are?

Self love & self acceptance are the blueprints, the guides to YOU. If something in the blueprint is off, erroneous, it’ll lead people in the wrong direction. When you don’t love and accept yourself, people will treat you as they see fit. It is your responsibility to show people how to treat you by providing them with the correct blueprint. Remember, people treat us by how we allow them to.

If you don’t have a clear idea about who you are, you cannot effectively receive someone who wants to treat you well. You’ll probably be able to discern that this person wants to do good by you, but you will subconsciously, or maybe even knowingly, sabotage it (the budding relationship) because of your past or other issues, that weren’t addressed. When you know who you are, know your worth, and what you deserve, you’ll welcome the well treatment.


*Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. I am by no means a professional. I’m simply sharing my opinions/experiences and what has or hasn’t worked for me. I am a Guru of my life and my life only.


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