Day 2: 20 Facts about ME

20 facts is a whole lot but here goes…

  1. I’m a Gemini. (And for the record, EVERYBODY has 2 faces. I know plenty folks who aren’t Geminis that have a trillion faces. So, save it). *smiley face
  2. I’m my mother’s only child and grew up an only child.
  3. I’m infatuated with Maxwell (Maxie is what I affectionately call him). No singer has been able to affect me the way he has. He’s magical. He’s also a Gemini. 🙂
  4. I’m quick witted with a great sense of humor.
  5. I like to curse. I tried to cut back because folks think it’s not “lady like” and yada yada blah blah blaaahhhhh. But I can’t live for other folks. *expletive* that.
  6. I hate cooking –but love to eat. It is what it is. I’ve accepted it and you should, too. Haaaa.
  7. I ❤ social media. I think it’s the best thing since the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter. Real talk. #Divine
  8. I’m selectively sociable…NOT anti-social. A fine line but there’s one there.
  9. I’m a commitment-phobe. I love love but…yeah…that’s another blog post.
  10. Whenever I have a conversation with my friends, I’m usually thinking of ways to incorporate their story into a script. My mind is ALWAYS on script mode. I create scenes and themes and plots all during the convo. #WriterLife
  11. I am inquisitive NOT nosy. Yeah, another fine line but whatev.
  12. I ❤ to dance.
  13. I’m more reserved than I am shy.
  14. I was a preemie, born 4 months early & weighed only 3 lbs. Not sure what my life would be like if I were a Virgo or Libra. #iCringeAtTheThought #LoveBeingAGemini
  15. I type 90 words per minute.
  16. I won an award for Top Typist because I had the highest speed the entire semester.20160303_185852
  17. If you call me, chances are I won’t answer the phone, but I will quickly text you and ask, “Wassup.” #HateTalkingOnThePhone #ExceptForIfYoureMyBoo
  18. Texting is one of, if not my favorite, past time.
  19. My alter ego’s name is Tijuana Cherry. She only comes out on special occasions. Trust me, it’s better this way.
  20. Because I know everyone has a (back)story, I’m not quick to judge. I used to be a judging fool back in the day. Talking about what I would never do and who I would never date. I learned my lesson the hard way when I ended up in a situation that I judged someone else for being in. #NeverAgain

Whew!!! I made it through. 2 days down…29 to go. See y’all 2moro.


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