Day 3:The meaning of my business name


Back in the mid 90’s there was this computer software program called Harvard Graphics. I would take the clip art of professional office buildings and men and women in business suits, and align them in such a way to make them look like they were “bosses” in business meetings.

I needed a name for my pseudo company, so I concocted CinemaBug. “Cinema” was my oldest daughter’s nickname because when I was pregnant with her, I practically lived in the movie there. I mean, I absolutely love movies. So my dad gave her that nickname. “Bug” is from LadyBug, which is also another nickname of hers, given by her Godmother. I merged the two together and…there you have it.

I created the name in 1995 for kicks. Now, it’s used to produce my creative content: books, films, videos, etc.


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