Why I’m happy my 1st film didn’t get made – @phettehollins #GetNaked

All I wanna do is write…and create meaningful content. Dats it. Share stories and raise awareness. Dats it. Oh, and make a living from it. Dats it, for real. Can I live? I gotta feed my family. ūüôā

I am crying as I type this post. Happy tears, though. I was sucker-punched with overwhelming feelings of gratefulness. See, #GetNaked is the 4th film project I’ve attempted¬†to get off the ground. In 2012, my 1st movie¬†Sext Messaging¬†had ONE MORE DAY left of filming when the Director of Photography disappeared with all of my footage, then blocked & unfriended me on Facebook as well as the cast and the crew. Why? I still don’t know.

2 more projects after that fell through. I realized I was still angry, hurt, pissed off by what happened with my first project that I decided I had to let it go and find my own closure so that I could move the hell on.

Even though the #GetNaked Movement doesn’t drop ’til March 12, 2016, my gut tells¬†me THIS…IS…IT!!!! It’s really gonna happen. It is happening. I have a super amazing and great team backing me, who cares about me and my well-being. We’re all in this together.

My¬†past¬†experience is¬†the reason I’m¬†able to discern between a shady film footage stealing shiester and somebody who’s on the up & up. *I’m not bitter. Trust me. I’m just saying*

So, I’m crying because I know that this is my time. What happened 4 years ago was preparing me for this moment. I’m doing what I’m passionate about and didn’t give up, though I’ve tried numerous times. *the tears are really falling now….maaaannnn*

What is meant FOR ME…NOTHING or NOBODY can intercept.

Please join me and the rest of my peeps as we watch my¬†first short film in the #GetNaked Series – Daddy’s Girl (Is A Hoe) – on Saturday, March 12th 8p.m. E.S.T. Subscribe to the channel –>¬†HERE¬†<– so that you’ll be notified when the film drops, and everything else regarding the Movement. #iGotStoriesForDays

Thanks to those of you who continued believing in me. It’s my time!!!!

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