Why I’m happy my 1st film didn’t get made – @phettehollins #GetNaked

All I wanna do is write…and create meaningful content. Dats it. Share stories and raise awareness. Dats it. Oh, and make a living from it. Dats it, for real. Can I live? I gotta feed my family. 🙂

I am crying as I type this post. Happy tears, though. I was sucker-punched with overwhelming feelings of gratefulness. See, #GetNaked is the 4th film project I’ve attempted to get off the ground. In 2012, my 1st movie Sext Messaging had ONE MORE DAY left of filming when the Director of Photography disappeared with all of my footage, then blocked & unfriended me on Facebook as well as the cast and the crew. Why? I still don’t know.

2 more projects after that fell through. I realized I was still angry, hurt, pissed off by what happened with my first project that I decided I had to let it go and find my own closure so that I could move the hell on.

Even though the #GetNaked Movement doesn’t drop ’til March 12, 2016, my gut tells me THIS…IS…IT!!!! It’s really gonna happen. It is happening. I have a super amazing and great team backing me, who cares about me and my well-being. We’re all in this together.

My past experience is the reason I’m able to discern between a shady film footage stealing shiester and somebody who’s on the up & up. *I’m not bitter. Trust me. I’m just saying*

So, I’m crying because I know that this is my time. What happened 4 years ago was preparing me for this moment. I’m doing what I’m passionate about and didn’t give up, though I’ve tried numerous times. *the tears are really falling now….maaaannnn*

What is meant FOR ME…NOTHING or NOBODY can intercept.

Please join me and the rest of my peeps as we watch my first short film in the #GetNaked Series – Daddy’s Girl (Is A Hoe) – on Saturday, March 12th 8p.m. E.S.T. Subscribe to the channel –> HERE <– so that you’ll be notified when the film drops, and everything else regarding the Movement. #iGotStoriesForDays

Thanks to those of you who continued believing in me. It’s my time!!!!

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