Day 5: My Guilty Pleasure | @phettehollins #GetNaked

According to the Urban Dictionary, a guilty pleasure is something that you shouldn’t like but like anyway. Don’t slip on UD. They’re reputable. 😂😂😂

Wellllll….I likes me some Love & Hip Hop NY. Now. There you have it. I tried not to like it because it’s ratchet t.v., but it reels me in. I 💜 Remy. I like Cardi B’s goofiness. Yandy & Mendeecees (was it really necessary for his mom or whoever named him to put all those vowels in there like dat doe?) are a cute couple. I will not speak on Peter, Tara, and Amina. Will not.

But anyhoo. This is my guilty pleasure. Oh, and sometimes I like to smoke Black N Milds. The wine kind with the wood tip. I do this like once a year. Indeed a guilty pleasure.

What’s yours?


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