Day 7: 10 favorite foods | @phettehollins

I’m going to cheat a little bit. Well, a lotta bit. As I sat, trying to come up with 10 foods, I realized I eat the same, dang thangs. And, it’s not 10…more like 3.

10 thru 7: Chicken. Fried, baked, broiled, smothered, covered, smoked, however. If it weren’t for chicken, I’d so be a vegetarian. I gave up beef, pork, and other meats 18 years ago. But that chicken doe?!?!? But naw, seriously, I’m leaning towards becoming a vegetarian again, especially after my current bout of flare ups with what appears to be allergic reactions to a food or foods. I’m too greedy to have to modify what I eat because of allergens. What a nuisance.

6 thru 3: Sweets. No sweet in specific, just sweets in general. I really need to curb this addiction. Really! It’s imperative, for health reasons and for the reason above.

2. Broccoli. It’s my vegetable of choice almost always.

1. CHEESE PIZZA!!! Nope. No toppings. Just cheese. I feel you judging, just know that. 👀



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