3 Reasons why I got naked & why you should #GetNakedToo | @phettehollins


Most of us #GetNaked in the privacy of our own homes and amongst people we trust…most of the time. Yet, I’ve chosen to expose myself to all y’all.

I didn’t just up and decide to show my goodies. It was a gradual process that started with me removing small articles of clothing, that seemed insignificant, but revealed more than I imagined.

Here’s why tho…

#1 I needed answers

Do you know that person who always complains? Always saying she’s tired, and she’s going to change, and she’s so done, and…and…and. Are YOU that person? Well, I was that person. I found myself saying I was gonna stop going back to so & so, and I was gon’ stop being a side chick. But somehow, I kept ending up there…until I got tired of hearing myself complain and for real for real decided to break the cycle and get to the root of my patterns of behavior.

#2 Because Iyanla said so, beloved

I watched Iyanla’s Fix My Life and desperately wanted to write in and have her fix mine. That’s when I knew I was reaching out for help. Instead of writing in (because I didn’t wanna expose anyone else), I watched the show, took notes, did some research (which consisted of watching a bunch of YouTube vids & Googling), and talked to a therapist.

When I discovered why I did what I did and why I do what I do, my perspective on life changed. I was now doing the work to get me to where I needed to be.

#3 I finally liked the way I looked naked

They say once you see results it becomes an addiction. I became addicted to the results whenever I got naked. Whenever I released something that was holding me back. Whenever I talked about something that was painful. Whenever I accepted & embraced my role in a situation that no longer weighed me down by guilt or shame. I like the skin I am in!!!

When you remove the dead weight and set down that baggage, you feel FREELIGHT…and don’t wanna put on no clothes ever again, quiet as it’s kept. But, you know, you have to because it’s totally illegal to be walking ’round all naked & stuff. 🙂

So, if you’re constantly telling yourself something has to give, something needs to change, you deserve better, something just ain’t right…then it’s time for you to #GetNaked. Remove what hurts to fully experience a life that works.

Join the Movement & #GetNakedToo




Email: GetNakedTheMovement@gmail.com


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