Day 14: What’s in my handbag? | @phettehollins

Firstly, calling it a handbag is all kinds of hilarious to me. It’s about as funny as calling it a pocketbook. My Aunt Tina (R.I.P.) used to call it that. It was cute when she said it doe.

Secondly, I own 3 purses. They’re cute to look at, but I don’t like carrying them. Quiet as it’s kept, they’re a bit of a nuisance. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I totally respect their purpose. I just feel foolish walking ’round with a purse dangling from the crease of my arm like this…

Robert Downey, Jr.

That hurts after a while. So, instead, I carry a messenger bag.


And wear it like so….


…with everythang. Don’t matter if I got on turquoise, red, purple, or fluorescent blue. I will throw this bad boy over my shoulder & keep it moving. I will make an exception & not rock the satchel if I hang out on the weekend & am “dressed up.” Can’t be all cute & stuff with a mail bag on your hip. I’m jus sayin’.

Ok, so, here’s what’s in the bag!

  • Lip Gloss – ‘Cuz I can’t be having lips like Pookie from New Jack City
  • Carmax – ^^^ see above
  • Wallet – Prepared to show my identity at all times…& pay for stuff since, I’m single in deez streets
  • Meds – Allergy prollems
  • Lotion – Dry hands are a no no
  • Body Spray – Who doesn’t like to smell good?
  • Papers – Just because… (pack rat)
  • Phone Charger – ‘Cuz if my phone dies, it will be on TMZ, FOX 2, & CNN as BREAKING NEWS
  • Epi Pen – Allergy prollem
  • Pen – Just in case I get some numbers. Haaaaa. Sike. To handle business 🙂
  • Hand Mirror – Keepsake. It was my mom’s.
  • Eye Drops – When you wear contacts…

That’s all!!! What’s in your satchel, purse, pocketbook, or handbag?


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