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Because we’re in an age where cell phone camera pictures are all the rage, I thought it’d be fun to take pictures (with my cell phone’s camera) of actual Polaroid and 35mm camera pictures and whatever other types of cameras that were used…back in the day. But while digging in the BIG bag (see image above…it’s the for real for real bag where I dug up the pics), I was taken down memory lane. I found myself saying I remember this day. Me and so & so went to the Ultimate Sports Bar… (All my Romulus folks know exactly what I’m talking ’bout), or That’s my bestie since elementary…We used to be besties…That was my first boyfriend/girlfriend.

I smiled looking at many of the pics, while some made me sad. Loved ones who are no longer here in the physical realm, and love lost. The writer in me will find a way to write about something, anything. Sooooo…I thought it would be a cool idea to share the story behind the pics, the head space I was in, the patterns I repeated, and, ultimately, what I learned. Who doesn’t like to hear a good story?

Stories connect and heal us, which is why we like reading books, watching movies, listening to that one relative talk about his pimp days, Kevin Hart –he’s a storytelling Master, along with Charlie Murphy. Have you ever heard Charlie tell the story about him playing basketball with Prince? It’s one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. Click to watch –> The Shirts against the Blouses <–

Digging in the bag is metaphoric for Digging in the soul. What I discovered as I was scavenging through old photos was how different I was “back then.” Of course, as time progresses the hope is to grow. But sadly, some folks don’t. They stay stuck, stagnant.

I want to take the time to celebrate growth…and healing by sharing the headspace I was in during the time of the photos compared to where I am now. We are who we are for a reason. We behave in the manner we do due to our upbringing, pre-disposition (genetics), experiences, what we’ve been exposed to, etc.

Stories connect & heal us. Let’s get unstuck together. 😊😊😊 



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