The #GetNaked Movement Casting Call/Taping

Even with my affinity for words, I haven’t found the right words to describe my excitement about The #GetNakedMovement Casting Call/Taping. So, I’ll just express it with gifs. Because, I have an affinity for those as well.


200w_d (2)

The #GetNakedMovement (TGNM) is a collection of stories told by those who have identified & addressed their issues & also did something about it. Removed the layers. Dropped the baggage. Got NAKED & healed. Because #HealingIsFreedom

I started the Movement last year when I dropped my first short short film: Daddy’s Girl Is A Hoe.

What followed were Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) that touched on depression, self-esteem & body image, suicide, domestic violence, and sexual addiction. Topics folks wanna keep on the hush but are very necessary to discuss. You can check out those videos –> HERE <–

This Saturday, April 8th, from 10am – 2pm at Bert’s Warehouse in Detroit, folks can come and share their #GetNaked stories with the world.

200w_d (3)

These stories will be filmed, edited, and then shared on the #GetNaked YouTube Channel as well as on The Live Network.


Be sure to come camera ready, and please DO NOT wear green; it will make you look invisible against the green screen. And we don’t want that, do we? We want you to be seen, ya know? 🙂

What to expect on Saturday

When you arrive at 2739 Russell St. in Detroit, someone will greet & lead you to check in. Once you sign in you’ll wait in the waiting area until it’s your turn.

200w_d (4)

There will be a gentleman with a camera capturing footage & also engaging you in conversation. It’s ok. He’s cool like dat.

When it’s your time to shine, someone will grab you from the waiting area and then guide you to where the magic happens –the filming area, where it will be me & you…yo momma & yo cousin too…

200w_d (5)

LOL. A little Outkast for ya. Oh, that’s another thing, I’m always injecting song lyrics into everythang. OK, but, for real. It’ll be just me, you, the producer, and the camera guy. That’s it. EZ PZ.

200w_d (6)

Don’t overthink it. Just BE YOU. Talk to us as if you were telling the story to a friend.

200w_d (7)

In the words of Lisa Nichols, your brilliance doesn’t belong to you. The world needs to hear your story.


If you’re unable to physically make it on Saturday, you can send a video submission (3-10 mins) to: For everyone else…

200w_d (8)


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One thought on “The #GetNaked Movement Casting Call/Taping

  1. My Pheeeeeee…. I will surely try to be there. You are a great friend and a brilliant writer. I love you lady.
    Yours truly ur Phreeeeeee

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