Change your priorities, change your life | Phette Hollins 

I saw this meme the other day:


Before my healing journey my priorities were all jacked up. My main focus was romantic relationships because I craved attention.

But when you start healing one thing, it carries over to other areas. I started off wanting to heal because pain kept showing up in patterns. I was tired of jumping in and out of relationships. I was tired of attracting the same types of people.

Once I got to WHY that kept happening, it made sense WHY my finances were in shambles. WHY my romantic relationships didn’t work. And WHY I wasn’t as close to my kids as I felt I should’ve been.

So I shifted my priorities and things are falling in place. They say if you want something different…you gotta do something different. I’ve built a loving relationship with myself, that I didn’t have before and is so imperative because if you don’t, you will fall for, settle for & attract whatever energy you’re emitting. I was projecting energy that said I was lonely, desperate, didn’t love myself, was not enough. FOLKS could spot it a mile away.

Also when you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you can pour into those who deserve it, like the kids. 😊 …and things that truly matter.

My top 3 priorities now are:

1. My offspring

2. Building a legacy so that I can quit my 9to5 & teach my kids to work their passion and not feel like they have to work a job

3. Personal development. Making sure I learn and grow daily by fueling  my mind.

What are your priorities?

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