Why telling your story matters | Phette Hollins

Hey y’all heeeyyy. Happy 2020!!!

If you follow me on social media &/or been following my blog over the years, I’m always preaching about how everyone has a story & how important it is to share it with the universe.

I was combing through my old videos on Periscope & came across this one I did 2 years ago.

We all have a story to tell…PERIOD! We all have something to share with that someone who is in a similar situation to yours and looking for the bright side. It doesn’t have to be this big ol grandiose story, neither.

If you’re a single mom who works two jobs and manages to meal prep and go to the gym 5 times a week, I’m sure there’s a stressed out mom waiting to hear your story for inspiration.

Check out the video –>> HERE!


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