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In an attempt to be more consistent and present, I posted video clips to my Instagram stories titled 3 Get To Know Me Facts. Here they are if you wanna check em out.

Absolutely Nobody:

Me: 3 Get To Know Me Facts:πŸ˜‚

1. I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 14 years old.

2. I used to have the biggest crush on Idris Elba back in 2006. So much so that I wanted to name my 13-year-old daughter after him.

3. I have over 20 tattoos. I legit stopped counting πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ To be totally transparent, while I do love body art, I got the majority of my tattoos bcz I didn’t know how to effectively process pain & confusion. It was an outlet for me, similar to those who turn to drugs, alcohol, food, & sex. When I was frustrated I would go get a tattoo. When I was mad, sad, or just plain ol bored I would get a tattoo. I’m a huge advocate of personal growth & development. It wasn’t until I started my healing journey 7 years ago that I began making the correlation between my behavior & my traumas. Now, I get tatted for a different reason, not for escapism.

Do you use stories on Instagram?


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