W.I.P. = Work(s) In Progress | Phette Hollins

What am I working on? 🤔 I think it’d be easier to ask what am I not working on😂 As far as projects go, last week, I was hired to write someone’s memoir. I am super geeked up about that. She has an AMAZING story. OMG! Juicy, jaw-dropping type-a story.

Also, I finished scripting a skit & casted the actors on yesterday. So I’ll be filming that soon. I’m designed to be working on many things at a time, to combat restlessness & boredom; however, the bigger task I’m learning is not to leave so many unfinished projects.

I’m doing this by only undertaking tasks, projects, stuff that light me up. Make me feel yummy. So when an idea comes to my head, I sit with it for a few days, ask myself some questions. If after a few days I’m still excited about it then I forge on. If not, I don’t bother.

What are you working on?

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