“She Ain’t Coming.” | Good Girls Review by Phette Hollins

Annie and her ex, Gregg, got together to celebrate that their former daughter Sadie is now going by Ben. I love that they’ve incorporated this trans storyline and are accepting of him.

Gregg brought his wife, Nancy along, who is played by Sally Pressman of the short-lived show Army Wives. She announced that they’re in couples counseling and the therapist is blaming Annie’s brokenness and dysfunction as the reason for her husband’s lapse in judgment when they slept together.

The convo was hilarious. Gregg, ol punk self, played by Zach Gilford, appeared on my radar when I saw him on the show Friday Night Lights, which was a damn good show.

Annie was not for the shit. She was staring at him so tough she could’ve burned a hole in his soul. He couldn’t even look at her.

She and Gregg still have feelings for each other but he’s unhappily married with a newborn baby and trying to save face, like so many people do when they’re not living authentically.

Dean’s mother moved in very temporarily to help out around the house. Why is the narrative that in laws don’t get along? When I was married, I got along swell with mine🤷🏾‍♀️

The girls went to pay their respects at the site where the FBI guy was killed. Annie’s lack-of-good-sense-having self pours out some coffee for her “dead homie.” Ruby side-eyes her, in typical fashion and tells her that’s not how it works.😂🤦🏾‍♀️

Stan and Ruby can’t seem to catch a break. Guess the writers gotta keep plugging away at this to give Ruby motivation to stay on the illegal path.

Ok, so, I understand when it comes to Beth there’s some naivete mixed in with desperation, but just because someone is fresh out of prison doesn’t mean one should trust him to aid in shady dealings. Not feeling the way that was incorporated into the storyline.

Who didn’t see Dean and the flirtatious coworker coming? Again, permission for Beth and Rio to fling it up again, perhaps.

I waited all episode for Rio to make an appearance. When I saw that there was only 3 minutes left, I knew the moment was coming. Beth was scheduled to meet up with Rio’s baby mama, who is played by Jackie Cruz from Orange Is The New Black. I knew she wasn’t gon’ show up. Then, as they showed Beth’s face, a voice off screen said, “She ain’t coming.” My heart dropped. Beth’s face was like Whoopi Goldberg’s in the movie Ghost. Good cliffhanger.


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