Power of the P(*$$y): An Ode to Blanche Devereaux by Phette Hollins

I was a precocious kid, well beyond my years. I used to pick up on stuff that I probably shouldn’t have. Like, when I was 10 years old and used to watch The Golden Girls, I knew that Blanche Devereaux was pegged as a hoe and that folks tried to make her feel bad about it but she didn’t. Yet, she was still my favorite character. But I couldn’t tell anyone because, then, how would that make me look? 😳

Nobody talked to me about sex but I knew folks were having it. I found a book hidden in my mom’s room called The Joy of Sex. I was intrigued and irritated at the same time. Why? I was intrigued by the section that had hundreds of illustrations of sexual positions but irritated by the fact that I wasn’t able to see them because the pages were stapled together🤬. I guess for my safety🤷🏾‍♀️. It didn’t work, though🤣 I was able to peek at some of them lol.

I had my first orgasm at 15 and I liked it. In July 1990, me and my boyfriend at the time got it in over 100 times. Now that’s what I call aDICKted🤣

Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound got a song called Some Bomb Ass (Pussy). I was 21 when I heard the song and was told the same thing about my lady parts. That wouldn’t be the last time I would hear those words.

I didn’t know that pussy healed though until I was 40 years old and messing around with this married dude. It was then I realized that it was much deeper than just cheating and fucking.

There’s healing through words, through touch and, of course, through the intimate act itself. I saw how he came to life when I spoke life into him and how his body reacted from the simplest to the most sensuous touch.

Over the years, I attracted more souls like his and then I had an epiphany: PEOPLE NEEDED HEALING! Healing from everything they were hiding from, sweeping under the rug, suppressing. And sexual energy was a big one.

So it didn’t matter if I was wearing a raggedy tshirt and bummy sweat pants or a fitted dress, “they” saw me, felt my aura because they knew that I held a safe space. A space for them to talk, release, be free, and be seen.

I am a Human Vault, Keeper of Stories and Secrets and I’m not ashamed to say that Blanche Devereaux is my favorite character and probably some of yours’, too. 💛💜


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