In celebration of my 45th birthday, here are 45 things I’ve learned over the years| Phette Hollins

*Updated each year as I get older

1. Love who you see in the mirror


2. Don’t chase love(rs)
3. Forgive your parents


4. Trust your intuition
5. Don’t take things personally


6. Laugh a lot
7. Smile more

1997, when lime green was poppin’ 🀣

8. Be honest
9. Don’t speak when angry
10. Not everybody is your friend

11. Action speaks louder than words
12. Teach people how to treat you
13. You are enough

1992, Senior Yearbook Pic

14. Be grateful
15. Live in the moment
16. Dream big

17. Live YOUR life


18. Question everything
19. Be humble & don’t judge because –It CAN Happen To You (book plug 🀣)

2011, 1st book

20. Don’t rush into things
21. Have lots of SEX

22. Read

2013, 2nd book cover

23. Invest in learning yourself
24. Speak your truth
25. Learn something teach something


26. Have compassion
27. Eat the damn french fries & cake


28. Shoot your shot
29. Don’t gossip
30. Poverty is a mindset not a life sentence
31. Manage your money and credit wisely

32. F The Joneses
33. Own some real estate
34. In order to heal you gotta keep it real
35. Pain is information trying to tell you something


36. Listen more, talk less
37. Surround yourself with like-minded people


38. Pay attention to those who free their time to spend with you & those who only spend time with you in their free time
39. If it lights you up, keep it. If it dims your light, let it go


40. Don’t force yourself into jeans or friendships


41. Once you master peace your life will become a masterpiece
42. Closed mouths don’t get fed
43. Be helpful when you can
44. Nurture your mental health
45. Sometimes you have to jump before you’re ready

*46. Please find out much sooner than later who you are and why you’re here so that you can show up as the highest expression of SELF!


Do any of these resonate? Which one(s) is your favorite? Can you add to the list?

Comment below and share with a friend.


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