[Audio] REAL TALK: The truth about why you’re standing in your own way | by Phette Hollins

I shared this meme on my Facebook page the other day and it got me to thinking about my own life.

I know it’s easier said than done, but we must not take things personally. The book The Four Agreements by Don Juan Miguel really helped me understand this.

Everything starts in our minds, so we must be careful what we tell it and what we expose it to.

We’re all telling ourselves a story BUT…the problem is it’s often filled with negative ones: we’re too fat, not pretty, flat-chested, too dark, too light, bootie’s not big enough…yada yada, fill in the blank.

We internalize these things thinking that they’re true and it ⬇️ lowers our self-esteem and how we view ourselves. Which then leads to stress, depression, alcohol, drugs, sex, over-eating, gambling, etc. Anything that helps us numb the pain and not cope.

Sex was my drug of choice. The stories I told myself for many years were:

  • Dudes weren’t about shit
  • Everybody in the whole world were cheaters
  • I’m a commitment-phobe

So, my energy attracted unavailable people – emotionally & physically. Those who were in committed relationships and those who were married. Why? Because they were matching my energy.

Like attracts like. I had abandonment issues and was in and out of relationships. I was promiscuous through my teenage years up until late adulthood because of the things I internalized. Had I known what I know now, like, 99% of the people I gave myself to would not have been given the time of day, smh. But I see ALL THINGS as a blessing and a lesson.

Check out the live audio below on why you’re standing in your own way. Comment and share with folks you know who may need it.

Also, if you’re stuck trying to figure out your purpose and you want to show up so you can show out, go to: inHer Soul Sessions. We can guide you in the right direction.

Until next time…


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