Healing & Dealing with Trauma – A Collab w/Karen Lewis, Jr. |#minoritymentalhealth

What started out as a regular smegular conversation has turned into this.

During this COVID season, I’ve made some great connections with folks, virtually. It is definitely a time for networking & collaborations.

Since I quit my government job back in January, I’ve been quite deliberate when it comes to doing things that are in alignment. In flow.

I met the feisty, no holds barred, F-bomb dropping phenom Karen Lewis, Jr. back in 2011. A mutual friend of ours introduced us (virtually) because of our love of writing.

She reached out to me via email and we exchanged ideas as well as our writing projects for feedback. I was too geeked when she showed up at my book signing in March 2013. It was the first time I met her in real life 😍

Our personalities in a pic

Fast forward to 2020. We both have a passion for using our voice. We both have a passion for healing and self growth. So when she asked if I would join her for LIVE conversations and real discussions about Black people and mental health, I said HELL YEAH!!!

Let’s Talk About It, Fam is a breath of fresh air. It’s conversations between good friends. It’s in your face realness.

The first episode is on YouTube . Yes, we have a YouTube channel AAAYYYEEE! That shows you how serious we are LOL.

We received some good feedback during the live video. Folks were interacting, too.

Check us out and tell a friend. And if you have something you want to discuss, let’s talk about it, fam.

Until next time…

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