Sitting on top of the cardboard box | #ConsistenPhe #Day1of100

The message that’s in my spirit today is thinking outside the box. We hear it all of the time & maybe even feel like we are doing so. I know I did. I’m always talking about authenticity & being true to yourself & be you & do you…but guess what? These last several months, I’ve been struggling. Struggling with the age old question: WHO AM I? Crazy, right? Crazy bcz I’ve been showing up on this blog fervently, albeit, intermittently these last 10 years. Sharing my stories, opening up, being a little bit transparent. Meaning, I’ve definitely got more work to do but I’m willing to do it 💪🏾

But lately, I’ve been stifled, stuck. Feeling like an imposter. Mainly bcz I’ve been trying to put what I do neatly into a box. Looking at folks on social media who are actors, writers, coaches, or those who are able to say with specificity who they are & what they do. This took me down the comparison rabbit hole.

I am a Writer, an Intuitive Life Coach, a Consultant, a Messenger, a Healer, a Connector…all the things. In a nutshell —-I’m a Multi-hyphenate, like Debbie Allen & so many others. A friend of mine tagged me in the speech Mrs. Allen gave at the Emmys, saying that it’s our time to shine, step up, show up. That message couldn’t have come at a more divine time.

But as you can see, all of those titles take up a lot of space in an Instagram bio &, according to strategists & marketing gurus, you must state clearly in ONE WORD who you are & what you do in 100 characters or less. This has been stressing me the fuck out & causing me to question myself, shrink, hide, minimize.

Then I told myself that it’s more than ok to be exactly who I am. It’s ok to be all the things & to not let society or anyone tell me who to be or how I should be packaged. All I have to do is show up & own all that is me, unapologetically!

If you’re also multi-passionate & multi-talented & have been doubting your gifts, dimming your light, trying to stuff your YOUness in a perfect little box remember this:

Give yourself permission to be creative, to express & to try on all the things without guilt or shame. Be the you that only you can be.

Until next time…


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