Healing Wounds | #ConsistenPhe #Day2of100

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I’ve moved around A LOT as an adult. No place ever felt like home. I now know that that’s bcz I was unsettled in my spirit. It didn’t matter if I was in a big house, small house, apartment, or townhome, nowhere ever felt…right.

Folks judge me bcz of it & I hi-key used to have some embarrassment & shame about it, too. But, here’s the thing, we never know what people are really going through. Folks only show you what they want you to see…bcz if we’re being judged by the superficial shit, imagine what folks would think if they truly knew the real deal.

That’s why it’s important to have people around that will pour into you, support you, SEE YOU…have grace, empathy, understanding.

I moved into a new place last week, which makes this my 6th time moving in 8 years &, I must say that my soul finally feels at ease, settled. I returned to my childhood neighborhood, the place where I inherited, acquired wounds around scarcity, poverty, lack, & money. This was designed so that I could do what I’m always preaching, which is to #HealThatShit.


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