Don’t chase, just…be | #Day6of100

We live in such a hustle hustle grind go culture. Can’t stop won’t stop, don’t sleep til you’re dead type culture. But, that mentality doesn’t work for everybody.

We are all spiritual beings with different energetic compositions. We’re all not meant to burn the candle at both ends, or live off of three hours of sleep and Red Bulls. The key is to find out exactly how to show up in this world.

According to Human Design, our type, strategy, and authority will tell us everything we need to know from career to relationships to making decisions.

In addition to the Myers Briggs Personality Test, Human Design has been life-changing, revelatory. I won’t get into detail on everything I’ve learned, but what I will say is that I am a Manifesting Generator (you’ll understand after you click the link above & take the test). I am designed to be busy, juggle multiple tasks, do things that LIGHT ME UP & pivot when they no longer do.

Looking over my life through the years, this has proven to be true. What’s also up & through my chart is the gentle reminder DON’T CHASE! That goes for everything that’s anything…jobs, money, love, etc.

I spent the majority of my life forcing so many things. Staying in relationships longer than I should’ve. Staying at jobs out of desperation & a lack mentality. Not knowing that all things are working out for my good. If something doesn’t jive, feel right, align…it’s ok to let it go, tweak, move on, do something else.

I was chatting with a guy via Messenger & he mentioned that my Facebook status says that I’m “in a relationship.” I said, “does it?” Shit, who knew? I changed it 3 years ago when I was in one & didn’t bother to change it since I’ve been single. Hadn’t even thought about it, honestly. I give zero dambs!

If somebody wants to get to know me he will. The stars, Moon, energy will bring us together when it’s the right time. No need to force, announce, change a status, search high & low. All you gotta do is just…BE!

Until next time…


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