The first true love of my life, my #1stBorn | #Day10of100

Words cannot express how uber proud I am of my oldest daughter. She’s smart, focused, determined with a big heart. I reckon that’s why she decided to become a nurse.

Graduation Day

When she was in high school, she’d always say that she wanted to be a neo-natal nurse. She absolutely loves kids. She is the #1 auntie to her nieces & nephews. She does want to have kids of her own one day but, unlike myself, she’s somewhat of a traditionalist. She’s getting solidified in her career first, then she wants to find the right man to get married to & settle down with.

We practically grew up together, considering I had her at 18 years old & got pregnant with her my senior year of high school. As I’ve watched her grow, she’s watched me fumble my way through this thing called Motherhood. I’ve made a ton of mistakes, learning basically everything as I went along. But, thank goodness for grace & mercy.

On her 28th birthday, I’m sitting back looking over her life and how far she’s come. There was a period of time that she struggled straight after high school. Taking the easy route because nursing school just seemed so daunting. So about 4 or 5 years after she graduated from high school, she decided to dive in. And she hasn’t turned back since.

I just wanted to take the time to honor her & her accomplishments, in a world that’s full of distractions. Honor her for breaking generations of teen pregnancies & parenting. The roles definitely have reversed, as I am watching & drawing my biggest inspiration from her💜


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