Sapiosexual | #Day15of100

In one of my earlier posts (which you can read here), I talked about being bored out of my gat damn mind & how I crave mental stimulation.

I mean, I do a pretty good job entertaining myself & meeting my 6 Basic Human Needs but…shit! As humans, we are hardwired for connection & interaction. So, while it’s a good thing to be able to show up for yourself & supply your needs, getting those things from a human is quite beneficial.

Courtesy of Tony Robbins’ website

For me, I find intelligence hella attractive. Someone I can spend hours conversating (I know that’s not a word) with makes my insides all giddy.

Shortly after my previous post, the one I linked to above, my boredom ceased. On October 1st, I went to my class reunion. Actually, it was an all-class reunion. Let me tell you. I had the bestest time ever!!!

Romulus All-Class Reunion 2021

I was sitting at the bar when he sat next to me & struck up a convo. It was just small talk then, nothing major. Asked me what I was sipping on. I told him. I asked him what he was sipping on. He told me…then asked if I wanted to try some.

The “bar” (yes in air quotes) is a B.Y.O.B. establishment, which is so oxymoronic to me but I digress. I am not a big drinker at all & am a low key lightweight. So, I’m good with a glass of wine, which is what I was drinking that night.

He was drinking Tequila &, according to him, it wasn’t the nasty kind like Cuervo & could be drank on the rocks with no chaser. I allowed him to pour a little bit into my tumbler, but not before giving him the disclaimer of what my behavior used to be like back in my hey day…

We parted ways that night. He inboxed me to see if I made it home safely…and we’ve been chatting it up ever since.

It is said that whatever we want we must speak it into existence & once we do, the Universe will conspire to make sure that it is so. I am enjoying the moment & what it has to offer…while simultaneously ensuring that my needs are met.

Until next time…


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