Human Design: Blueprint of Your Life | #Day12of100

Almost two months ago, I ordered a Human Design Blueprint from a young woman I’ve been following on Instagram for a few years. Her posts & stories really resonate with me, so I felt compelled to have a reading done.

I truly believe that the greatest education one could get is learning/studying thyself. Once you know who you are everything falls into place. You understand why certain situations & relationships didn’t work out, & also how the things that we deem failures or setbacks were actually working in our favor.

I talk on this blog a lot about personal growth & have been documenting such since about 2013. I started off with my Address Not Suppress series on YouTube where I just shared how I was coping with my recent divorce while simultaneously learning who I am as a person.

Back in 2010, early in my writing journey, I met a woman name Kai Mann. We were both at a writing workshop in Detroit, MI. We started talking, exchanged numbers & social media handles, & have been cool ever since.

At that time, neither of us were published authors but aspired to be. Because we couldn’t find any one to mentor us, we became each other’s mentors, pushing each other to accomplish whatever goals we would set. In a year’s time, we both became published authors.

Kai, like myself, is also a huge proponent of self awareness & personal growth. When I met her, she affectionately referred to herself as Kaiology, which we know the suffix ‘ology’ means a field of study; hence the study of KAI.

Fast forward ten years later & she’s turned everything she’s learned over the years into a thriving business. A hub to help people find alignment, find themselves.

Though I had already gotten a Blueprint of my life, I intend to have another one done by Kai. We’ve spent countless hours over the last ten years talking, hanging out, connecting, collabing, etc. And one thing’s for certain: There’s always more to learn. We’re forever students.

If you’re stuck, need some guidance, or a nudge, or some clarity, go to Lifestrology today. You’ll be happy you did.

Kai of Lifestrology

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