Phette Hollins is an author, scriptwriter, and human vault who inspires others through her life’s main mission: to stay true to herself. Through her contemporary fiction that often features women and relationships as they relate to sexuality and sensuality, her testimonies of how she stopped living a lie and found her truth, and her YouTube Channel series, Address NOT Suppress, Phette shares her journey to healing with the hope of not only healing herself, but also bringing awareness to others. The fact that people she knows (and doesn’t know) bare their souls to her is a testament to her ability to reveal her authentic self and to encourage others to do the same.

For twenty years, Phette wrote in journals about her desire to find her passion and purpose, but she was clearly stuck, repeating cycles she had no clue were cycles. It wasn’t until an AHA moment that she realized, How can I expect real happiness, real joy to come to me when I’m not being REAL with myself? Hating the lies she lived, the roles she played, Phette made the choice to slowly unveil, layer by layer, her true self. She found by doing so, it made it easier for her to walk in her purpose and to share with others.

In actively seeking her passion, Phette realized that people, especially women, were unhappy. They were settling, living lies, merely existing. To Phette, this was a big deal.

As women (and some men) reached out to her and shared their stories of despair, Phette set forth to encourage and empower them to act boldly and do what is necessary to get them unstuck. Her major vehicles for this are her short stories, PSA’s, and her YouTube Channel series, Address NOT Suppress, where she shares her personal testimonies in the hope of listening to and educating and informing women on a single principle: they matter, and it’s not too late to {FILL IN THE BLANK} –write that book, lose weight, leave a marriage, be happy, etc.

Phette is the author of the short story collection, It Can Happen to You; the novel, Innocence, GA; and the co-writer of the blog soap opera, Anderson Place (http://www.apblogopera.blogspot.com). In 2014 Phette created the healing series Address NOT Suppress; started the #GetNakedMovement in 2015, released her first short film, Daddy’s Girl (Is A Hoe), and five PSA’s. Phette also wrote a stage play and started HolliShort Films.

Phette lives in Wayne, Michigan, with her two daughters, and enjoys watching her favorite TV dramadies and imagining being one of the writers. She also loves dancing and often fantasizes about what life would be like if she were a B-girl.

You can buy Phette’s books on Amazon

here –> http://www.amazon.com/author/phettehollins 

And on Smashwords

here –> https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/phetteogburn

Find her on Social Media:

Facebook: (http://www.facebook.com/phettehollins)

Twitter: (http://twitter.com/phettehollins)

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/phettehollins/)


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