[Video] What is a Life & Story Coach? | by Phette Hollins

After toying around with the idea for yearrssss, I finally got the hint and decided that resistance was futile 🤣

I’ve been on a healing journey for seven years but on a life journey for at least 15.

We all get to a point where we ask the simple yet most elusive question in the world: “What is my purpose?”

Some of us know the answer very early on. While some folks, like me, take longer.

Though I pegged myself as a Short Story Specialist (because of my love for writing short stories, skits, and vignettes), sometimes, I tend to make short stories long (hence the video below)🤣🤷🏾‍♀️. I’m full of paradoxes. It’s all up and through my Astrological Chart LOL.

Here’s a not-that-long video I did talking about my newfound “title” and how I hope to show up and be of serve(us) to folks.

If you need help finding what it is you’re meant to do in this world, check out inHer Soul Sessions, a.k.a. an Intuitive Dive where I use some of the tools that helped me solidify my role and what to do with my life to help others 💛💜.

Check out the video HERE!

Chakra Series: The Sacral Chakra |by Phette Hollins

Hello there. Welcome to Part 2 of the 7-part Chakra Series, which consists of short videos explaining the chakras and their roles in our lives.


The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

Chakra Series: The Root Chakra |by Phette Hollins


Ok, so, this is Part 1 of a 7-part-series about chakras, which consists of short videos explaining what chakras are and their roles in our lives.

I hope it helps. Let me know what you think.

Until next time…

The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

this is only a test…

i’m testing to see if my blog will go directly to my fb page.

[Audio] REAL TALK: The truth about why you’re standing in your own way | by Phette Hollins

I shared this meme on my Facebook page the other day and it got me to thinking about my own life.

I know it’s easier said than done, but we must not take things personally. The book The Four Agreements by Don Juan Miguel really helped me understand this.

Everything starts in our minds, so we must be careful what we tell it and what we expose it to.

We’re all telling ourselves a story BUT…the problem is it’s often filled with negative ones: we’re too fat, not pretty, flat-chested, too dark, too light, bootie’s not big enough…yada yada, fill in the blank.

We internalize these things thinking that they’re true and it ⬇️ lowers our self-esteem and how we view ourselves. Which then leads to stress, depression, alcohol, drugs, sex, over-eating, gambling, etc. Anything that helps us numb the pain and not cope.

Sex was my drug of choice. The stories I told myself for many years were:

  • Dudes weren’t about shit
  • Everybody in the whole world were cheaters
  • I’m a commitment-phobe

So, my energy attracted unavailable people – emotionally & physically. Those who were in committed relationships and those who were married. Why? Because they were matching my energy.

Like attracts like. I had abandonment issues and was in and out of relationships. I was promiscuous through my teenage years up until late adulthood because of the things I internalized. Had I known what I know now, like, 99% of the people I gave myself to would not have been given the time of day, smh. But I see ALL THINGS as a blessing and a lesson.

Check out the live audio below on why you’re standing in your own way. Comment and share with folks you know who may need it.

Also, if you’re stuck trying to figure out your purpose and you want to show up so you can show out, go to: inHer Soul Sessions. We can guide you in the right direction.

Until next time…

4 Signs that it’s time to heal & get your sh!t together | by Phette Hollins

So, today, I did a thing. I went LIVE on my Facebook Business Page.

Usually, I go LIVE from my personal page because I get waaayyy more engagement on there. But, in an attempt to start thinking of things from a business lens, I did it there.

It was also my first time using StreamYard which was a lovely experience; however, I wasn’t able to see the viewers (if I even had any) or the comments.

Next time, I will stream to my personal page and share it to my biz page because, to me, the purpose of going LIVE is for engagement.

Anyhoo, one snafu don’t stop no show. Check out the replay and be sure to share it if it resonates.

Until next time…

Phette – Writer, Human Vault, Keeper of Secrets

Fatal Affair | Review by Phette Hollins

Just me and my lil 2 cents on the movie Fatal Affair on Netflix.

Did you get a chance to watch the movie? What are your thoughts?

Fatal Affair Review. Starring Nia Long & Omar Epps

In celebration of my 45th birthday, here are 45 things I’ve learned over the years| Phette Hollins

1. Love who you see in the mirror


2. Don’t chase love(rs)
3. Forgive your parents


4. Trust your intuition
5. Don’t take things personally


6. Laugh a lot
7. Smile more

1997, when lime green was poppin’ 🤣

8. Be honest
9. Don’t speak when angry
10. Not everybody is your friend

11. Action speaks louder than words
12. Teach people how to treat you
13. You are enough

1992, Senior Yearbook Pic

14. Be grateful
15. Live in the moment
16. Dream big

17. Live YOUR life


18. Question everything
19. Be humble & don’t judge because –It CAN Happen To You (book plug 🤣)

2011, 1st book

20. Don’t rush into things
21. Have lots of SEX

22. Read

2013, 2nd book cover

23. Invest in learning yourself
24. Speak your truth
25. Learn something teach something


26. Have compassion
27. Eat the damn french fries & cake


28. Shoot your shot
29. Don’t gossip
30. Poverty is a mindset not a life sentence
31. Manage your money and credit wisely

32. F The Joneses
33. Own some real estate
34. In order to heal you gotta keep it real
35. Pain is information trying to tell you something


36. Listen more, talk less
37. Surround yourself with like-minded people


38. Pay attention to those who free their time to spend with you & those who only spend time with you in their free time
39. If it lights you up, keep it. If it dims your light, let it go


40. Don’t force yourself into jeans or friendships


41. Once you master peace your life will become a masterpiece
42. Closed mouths don’t get fed
43. Be helpful when you can
44. Nurture your mental health
45. Sometimes you have to jump before you’re ready


Do any of these resonate? Which one(s) is your favorite? Can you add to the list?

Comment below and share with a friend.

Power of the P(*$$y): An Ode to Blanche Devereaux by Phette Hollins

I was a precocious kid, well beyond my years. I used to pick up on stuff that I probably shouldn’t have. Like, when I was 10 years old and used to watch The Golden Girls, I knew that Blanche Devereaux was pegged as a hoe and that folks tried to make her feel bad about it but she didn’t. Yet, she was still my favorite character. But I couldn’t tell anyone because, then, how would that make me look? 😳

Nobody talked to me about sex but I knew folks were having it. I found a book hidden in my mom’s room called The Joy of Sex. I was intrigued and irritated at the same time. Why? I was intrigued by the section that had hundreds of illustrations of sexual positions but irritated by the fact that I wasn’t able to see them because the pages were stapled together🤬. I guess for my safety🤷🏾‍♀️. It didn’t work, though🤣 I was able to peek at some of them lol.

I had my first orgasm at 15 and I liked it. In July 1990, me and my boyfriend at the time got it in over 100 times. Now that’s what I call aDICKted🤣

Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound got a song called Some Bomb Ass (Pussy). I was 21 when I heard the song and was told the same thing about my lady parts. That wouldn’t be the last time I would hear those words.

I didn’t know that pussy healed though until I was 40 years old and messing around with this married dude. It was then I realized that it was much deeper than just cheating and fucking.

There’s healing through words, through touch and, of course, through the intimate act itself. I saw how he came to life when I spoke life into him and how his body reacted from the simplest to the most sensuous touch.

Over the years, I attracted more souls like his and then I had an epiphany: PEOPLE NEEDED HEALING! Healing from everything they were hiding from, sweeping under the rug, suppressing. And sexual energy was a big one.

So it didn’t matter if I was wearing a raggedy tshirt and bummy sweat pants or a fitted dress, “they” saw me, felt my aura because they knew that I held a safe space. A space for them to talk, release, be free, and be seen.

I am a Human Vault, Keeper of Stories and Secrets and I’m not ashamed to say that Blanche Devereaux is my favorite character and probably some of yours’, too. 💛💜

“She Ain’t Coming.” | Good Girls Review by Phette Hollins

Annie and her ex, Gregg, got together to celebrate that their former daughter Sadie is now going by Ben. I love that they’ve incorporated this trans storyline and are accepting of him.

Gregg brought his wife, Nancy along, who is played by Sally Pressman of the short-lived show Army Wives. She announced that they’re in couples counseling and the therapist is blaming Annie’s brokenness and dysfunction as the reason for her husband’s lapse in judgment when they slept together.

The convo was hilarious. Gregg, ol punk self, played by Zach Gilford, appeared on my radar when I saw him on the show Friday Night Lights, which was a damn good show.

Annie was not for the shit. She was staring at him so tough she could’ve burned a hole in his soul. He couldn’t even look at her.

She and Gregg still have feelings for each other but he’s unhappily married with a newborn baby and trying to save face, like so many people do when they’re not living authentically.

Dean’s mother moved in very temporarily to help out around the house. Why is the narrative that in laws don’t get along? When I was married, I got along swell with mine🤷🏾‍♀️

The girls went to pay their respects at the site where the FBI guy was killed. Annie’s lack-of-good-sense-having self pours out some coffee for her “dead homie.” Ruby side-eyes her, in typical fashion and tells her that’s not how it works.😂🤦🏾‍♀️

Stan and Ruby can’t seem to catch a break. Guess the writers gotta keep plugging away at this to give Ruby motivation to stay on the illegal path.

Ok, so, I understand when it comes to Beth there’s some naivete mixed in with desperation, but just because someone is fresh out of prison doesn’t mean one should trust him to aid in shady dealings. Not feeling the way that was incorporated into the storyline.

Who didn’t see Dean and the flirtatious coworker coming? Again, permission for Beth and Rio to fling it up again, perhaps.

I waited all episode for Rio to make an appearance. When I saw that there was only 3 minutes left, I knew the moment was coming. Beth was scheduled to meet up with Rio’s baby mama, who is played by Jackie Cruz from Orange Is The New Black. I knew she wasn’t gon’ show up. Then, as they showed Beth’s face, a voice off screen said, “She ain’t coming.” My heart dropped. Beth’s face was like Whoopi Goldberg’s in the movie Ghost. Good cliffhanger.

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