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Testing out my new website

Hey y’all heeeyyy. There’s nothing to see here. Like, for real, nothing to see here. I’m just testing something out. 😊

See y’all soon.

Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing? (Periscope Replay)|Phette Hollins

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The FREE Webinar is tuh-NIGHT|#GetUnstuck & Write That Book|Phette Hollins

It’s here. It’s here. It’s finally here!!! Well, almost anyway. At 730pmEST, I’m going to talk about the 6 Reasons to Get Unstuck & Write That Book. Why? Simple answer, everyone has a book in them. What I’ve noticed is that many of us are stuck, for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or think that your story isn’t as interesting, juicy, or book-worthy as the others you’ve read. That’s so not the case.

When we operate in a place of “stuck”, we make no to minimal progress. We’re merely existing. We know that we can do better but we don’t.

People come to me and ask how am I able to share my stories and not care what people say. I just start singing, in my Jon B voice, “Don’t listen to what people say. They don’t know about, bout…” Yall remember that song? He had a point that Jon B.

This is how I knew that folks are stuck because they’re too busy worrying about folks passing judgment. Someone is waiting to hear your story, just like those of you who heard mine needed to.

I’m able to share my stories and not care about the shit talkers because I’m no longer stuck. No longer bound by shame, guilt, embarrassment. I can’t change my past so why dwell there?

Some of you have some amazing stories. How do I know? Because y’all tell me but are afraid to tell the world. And I get it. I was there before, too. At some point, though, you gotta let that ish goooo. Like Elsa said. LET. IT. GO.

SIGN UP. It’s FREE. Then join me Sept. 11, 2017 @730pmEST, which is tonight. Should be only about an hour. Bring the wine. I’ll bring the goodies. 😊😊😊

4 Reasons WHY You Shouldn’t Wanna Be a #SideChick | #DustToSideChicks |Phette Hollins

If you read my other post about side chicks, you’re probably wondering what the fascination is. There is none, really. I’m just writing what I know based on my experiences, with the hopes that someone can relate & escape that mental & emotional prison she’s in.

Over the last few years, I’ve been pretty transparent about what I’ve been through. By doing so, it has not only helped me heal & grow, it’s helped others as well. I started off vlogging on my YouTube Channel. You can check it out by clicking the link. Some of them are painful for me to watch simply because I remember the head space I was in during those times.

In the past, all I would attract were married men, unavailable men, unavailable people, actually. It became the norm for me, so I accepted it. I’m the type who believes that everything happens for a reason. And the fact that I kept attracting those kinds of people had to mean something, right? Well, it did.

It meant that I had to get to the core of my issues and assess the energy I was putting into the universe. I vlogged about my energy in a YouTube vid. < — Click & take a lookey.

You see, we get what we put out into the atmosphere. I was putting out (no pun intended) that I was emotionally unavailable and didn’t want a relationship because, low key, I didn’t trust anyone. So, guess what? I brought them to me, unknowingly.

giphy-downsized (3)

We attract who we are, not what we want

Here are the 4 reasons why you shouldn’t want to be a side chick:

#1  It’s degrading

Regardless of how glorified the media and your friends make it. There aren’t enough clothes, money, and trips that can compensate for your body and your worth.

giphy-downsized (4)

Which leads me to #2: It diminishes your self-WORTH

Settling to be a side piece says a lot about how you view yourself. It’s all about mindset. Once we know what we’re valued at, we will not discount ourselves. EVER!

giphy-downsized (5)

#3  It’s disrespectful

Not only are you disrespecting yourself by accepting mediocrity, you’re disrespecting that woman that he (and sometimes she) is committed to. At the end of the day, we have to do the right thing, even when others aren’t because, ultimately, it’s our cross to bear. They will get their turn come Judgment Day.

giphy-downsized (6)

#4  It’s lonely

Bonding, intimacy, and sex are all natural needs, wants, and desires. Shouldn’t we want those things from someone who is making us a priority instead of an option? He may shower you with gifts, give you money and even pay some of your bills, spend a little time wit’cha. But when he leaves, you’re left with just YOU. By yourself, wondering when the next phone call, text, or encounter is going to be.

Take it from a recovering (attention) whore, it’s not worth it. I know some of y’all may laugh at that, but the truth of it all is, many of us are attention whores. There’s nothing wrong with wanting attention because we all NEED it. Just like a plant needs water & sunlight in order for it to thrive and grow. That’s a form of attention.

It’s just that those of us who lack getting attention in a healthy manner, seek it by any means necessary, with little to no discretion as to who it comes from. Basically, it really doesn’t matter, as long as someone is paying us some attention, which is unhealthy.

That’s all I got. Those are the reasons why you don’t wanna be and shouldn’t wanna be someone’s option, afterthought, #2, or side chick.


~Until next time…

*Disclaimer: I am an author, scriptwriter, and creator of the Get Naked Movement, where I share stories (mine & others) to help folks heal from the inside out. I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, but I am an enthusiast who is passionate about healing & getting unstuck.

Cutting Soul Ties (The Book) | 100 downloads |Phette Hollins

Hey hey hey,

On May 31st (my 42nd birthday) I released my 3rd book 3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties, and I am so proud. Yes, I am proud of my first two books as well. But the reason I am most proud of this book is that, unlike the others, this one is non-fiction and about specific periods in my life, not semi-autobiographical accounts. I get raw and #GetNaked. 🙂

Writing this book was cathartic. I released things that had been holding me back for years. No lie, after I decided to no longer be tied to certain people & things and wrote my truths, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt it. I was free.

While I was repeating unhealthy patterns, I noticed that a lot of other folks were too. People opened up to me, shared their stories. I didn’t solicit them. They just felt lead to do so. I see that as a privilege, an honor and it’s something that I don’t take lightly.

Because of the countless conversations I’ve had with people, I know many of you are stuck and may benefit from reading 3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties.

If you are:

Repeating unhealthy patterns

Linked to someone who is not your mate

Straddling the fence and unsure of your worth

This book is for you. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the magnitude of a situation while we’re knee deep in it. When we see someone else has gone through a similar situation and persevered, it gives us hope.

When I would hear folks’ stories about abuse and neglect and how they overcame those things, I knew that I had to get to the root of my issues by getting real honest with myself about what was holding me back from the career I wanted, having good credit and just a healthy relationship with money period, as well as meaningful relationships with people.

I now know that getting, having, and keeping those things are possible when you do the work.

I want to reach 100 downloads. Get people talking about cutting soul ties. It’s available on Amazon and Nook for just $6.99. That’s it.

Share with those you know who need to CUT IT. Share with those who will benefit. Better yet, gift it to 5 people and be like “Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday.”

200w_d (5)

We’re more productive and better as humans when we’re not bound, tied, and chained to something or someone. That statement has multiple connotations but ultimately mean the same thing. Get your dirty mind out the gutter LOL.



~Until next time…

*Disclaimer: I am an author, scriptwriter, and creator of the Get Naked Movement, where I share stories (mine & others) to help folks heal from the inside out. I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, but I am an enthusiast who is passionate about healing & getting unstuck.

4 Lies We Tell Ourselves to Stay the #SideChick | #DustToSideChicks |Phette Hollins

Hey, Y’all heeeyyyyy!!!!

It’s been a minute, but I’m still here. I’ve been pretty active over on Facebook, and have been on an overall get FREE journey for the past few months. Not only the free that I speak about in my Get Naked Movement but free from debt AND from having to work a 9 to 5. So, I’ve been working hard ova here.

giphy (24)

But I cannot neglect my love for writing & sharing because, after all, sharing connects & heals us. While on my brief hiatus, I decided to add a lil intro, a blurb, a disclaimer to all of my posts, and as well as my videos. Here goes:

My name is Phette Hollins. I am an author, scriptwriter, and creator of the Get Naked Movement, where I share stories (mine & others) to help folks heal from the inside out. I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, but I am an enthusiast who is passionate about healing & getting unstuck. 

Ok, now that that’s out of the way. Let’s dive in!

#4 I’m single and can do what I wanna do

giphy (25)

Yeah, that’s true to some degree, but not at someone else’s expense and when others are involved.

#3 He made the commitment to her, I didn’t


Ok, so, the reason why I’m talking about being the other woman is that I was the other woman, a lot. I was the other woman so much that I thought that was my destiny. Why else would I attract only married men? Like, why?

That was my mindset and a very corrupt one at that. I told myself that I had no reason to feel bad about sleeping with married men because HE was the one who was married, not me. He took the vows. He made the commitment. He walked down that aisle. He went to the Justice of the Peace. He…you get what I’m saying. I’m single and can do what I wanna do. That’s a lie.

#2 He loves me (more)


Granted, there are those times when a couple is separated and taking actions to get a divorce, and he leaves the marriage to be with the side chick. It happens. Like Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz. But what I’m referring to is dealing with someone who’s blatantly telling you he’s not leaving his wife or telling you that he is but never does.

On top of that, he’s telling you that he loves you and if times were different y’all would be together and that he’s closer to you than his wife and…

giphy-downsized (1)

Don’t believe the hype!

Lastly, the number 1 biggest lie we tell ourselves when we’re the other woman is:

The wife should’ve been on her job!!!


I had to drop the pen on this one. I usually outline my blog posts, vlogs, live vids, etc., so that I can stay on task and not forget anything. As I wrote this last lie, I dropped the pen, you know, synonymous to dropping the mic.

This is the biggest lie. You wanna know why? Because it has nothing to do with the wife. Absolutely nothing. If that man wanted to leave, regardless of it’s “cheaper to keep her” or not, he would leave.


When we (I’m talking about as people) are done with something, we are done. It may take some of us longer to get there, but when we get there, it’s a wrap.

Just know that his wife could be cooking, cleaning, and catering to his every need and, if he wants to, he will cheat. Periodt. Got it?

giphy-downsized (2)

Don’t be fooled. Stop lying to yourselves and unblock your blessings so you can get the mate you want, the true love you deserve.

~Until next time…..

Change your priorities, change your life | Phette Hollins 

I saw this meme the other day:


Before my healing journey my priorities were all jacked up. My main focus was romantic relationships because I craved attention.

But when you start healing one thing, it carries over to other areas. I started off wanting to heal because pain kept showing up in patterns. I was tired of jumping in and out of relationships. I was tired of attracting the same types of people.

Once I got to WHY that kept happening, it made sense WHY my finances were in shambles. WHY my romantic relationships didn’t work. And WHY I wasn’t as close to my kids as I felt I should’ve been.

So I shifted my priorities and things are falling in place. They say if you want something different…you gotta do something different. I’ve built a loving relationship with myself, that I didn’t have before and is so imperative because if you don’t, you will fall for, settle for & attract whatever energy you’re emitting. I was projecting energy that said I was lonely, desperate, didn’t love myself, was not enough. FOLKS could spot it a mile away.

Also when you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you can pour into those who deserve it, like the kids. 😊 …and things that truly matter.

My top 3 priorities now are:

1. My offspring

2. Building a legacy so that I can quit my 9to5 & teach my kids to work their passion and not feel like they have to work a job

3. Personal development. Making sure I learn and grow daily by fueling  my mind.

What are your priorities?

Follow me on social media everywhere @PhetteHollins and share with those you know who need to #GetNaked because healing is freedom.

The #GetNaked Movement Casting Call/Taping

Even with my affinity for words, I haven’t found the right words to describe my excitement about The #GetNakedMovement Casting Call/Taping. So, I’ll just express it with gifs. Because, I have an affinity for those as well.


200w_d (2)

The #GetNakedMovement (TGNM) is a collection of stories told by those who have identified & addressed their issues & also did something about it. Removed the layers. Dropped the baggage. Got NAKED & healed. Because #HealingIsFreedom

I started the Movement last year when I dropped my first short short film: Daddy’s Girl Is A Hoe.

What followed were Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) that touched on depression, self-esteem & body image, suicide, domestic violence, and sexual addiction. Topics folks wanna keep on the hush but are very necessary to discuss. You can check out those videos –> HERE <–

This Saturday, April 8th, from 10am – 2pm at Bert’s Warehouse in Detroit, folks can come and share their #GetNaked stories with the world.

200w_d (3)

These stories will be filmed, edited, and then shared on the #GetNaked YouTube Channel as well as on The Live Network.


Be sure to come camera ready, and please DO NOT wear green; it will make you look invisible against the green screen. And we don’t want that, do we? We want you to be seen, ya know? 🙂

What to expect on Saturday

When you arrive at 2739 Russell St. in Detroit, someone will greet & lead you to check in. Once you sign in you’ll wait in the waiting area until it’s your turn.

200w_d (4)

There will be a gentleman with a camera capturing footage & also engaging you in conversation. It’s ok. He’s cool like dat.

When it’s your time to shine, someone will grab you from the waiting area and then guide you to where the magic happens –the filming area, where it will be me & you…yo momma & yo cousin too…

200w_d (5)

LOL. A little Outkast for ya. Oh, that’s another thing, I’m always injecting song lyrics into everythang. OK, but, for real. It’ll be just me, you, the producer, and the camera guy. That’s it. EZ PZ.

200w_d (6)

Don’t overthink it. Just BE YOU. Talk to us as if you were telling the story to a friend.

200w_d (7)

In the words of Lisa Nichols, your brilliance doesn’t belong to you. The world needs to hear your story.


If you’re unable to physically make it on Saturday, you can send a video submission (3-10 mins) to: For everyone else…

200w_d (8)

#iTsBreakTime – The Break Time Chronicles

Hey y’all heeeeyyyyy!!!

I haven’t posted in over a month because…ummmm…


…time just kinda got away from me. I’ve been focusing on other stuff. Shifting my mind. ish like that. So, I haven’t exactly been slacking overall as a whole. Ya know? But seriously, writing is my 1st love & I am always doing so in some capacity. However, I do need to blog more frequently.

Now that that’s out of the way. I did start this video series called #iTsBreakTime. I titled it as such because they’re done while I’m at my 9 to 5 during my “breaks.” I did this as a way to show that ain’t no breaks over here bih! I utilize this time to document my journey (per Gary Vee) & research business related ideas.

It’s also serving a multi-purpose by getting me more comfortable being in front of the camera because, even though I have a whole –> YouTube Channel <– , I’m an introvert and more of a behind the scenes type of chick. So, when I become famous & be getting interviewed & stuff, I’ll be Gucci.

200w_d (1)

Since we’re in an era now where our attention spans are smaller than a gnat, I keep the vids under 1 min, but mainly because that’s the max on Instagram.

Check ’em out. Let me know what you think. Shoot me a message, leave a comment if there’s something in particular you want me to cover. My topics are random, for the most part, and based on what I’m experiencing at that moment or have experienced.

I have 12 whole videos but, for some reason, I’m unable to load them. I have no idea how I was able to upload just these 2. Like, I have no idea. I will not be defeated, though. I will keep working on it. But in the meantime, you can see the others on my Instagram Page <– Just click.


Until next time y’all…

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