Being FREE: Living your life…FREE’ly | #Authenticity #PhetteHollins #GettingToFree

**NEW VID** Wanna live your life freely? Here’s how: 1. Identify what FREE looks like to you. 2. Know yourself. 3. Make & take time to get to FREE! 4. STEW in you. Watch the video for more: GETTING TO FREE

My #1 Relationship Killer –A response to Trent Shelton’s video | @phettehollins

This video is in response to Trent Shelton’s video – Protect your relationship. His message really spoke to me and had me thinking of the things I did wrong in the past. Ck it out and let me know your thoughts. My #1 Relationship Killer

My Upcoming Web Series | @phetteogburn #WebShow #YouTube

Great day y’all!!!! You were given another day. What ‘chu gone do wit it???? I’m in an awesome mood this morning. Hopefully you are too! I’m gonna talk briefly about my upcoming web show. I’m still a bit apprehensive about revealing the title because I’m not really sold on it. So, it’s a working titleContinue reading “My Upcoming Web Series | @phetteogburn #WebShow #YouTube”

The Author Formerly Known As…Phette Ogburn

Happy Sunday y’all. I’m back again with a super short post & vid. Some of you may have noticed that my website is and my Facebook is now Phette HOLLINS. Why is that? My married name was OGBURN. When I got divorced almost 2 years ago, I went back to my maiden name. IContinue reading “The Author Formerly Known As…Phette Ogburn”

Vlog Update and what I’ve been up to @phetteogburn #Cheetah4UJai #AddressNotSuppress

Merry New Year y’all!!!! Yes, I know it’s good & February, but this is my 1st post of the year. It’s been a trying past few months, but I’m bizzack!!!! This post is about what I’ve been doing & what’s to come. BUT first, check out my new hair Being the avid YouTuber that IContinue reading “Vlog Update and what I’ve been up to @phetteogburn #Cheetah4UJai #AddressNotSuppress”

Losing my cousin, Jessica LaTrease Jones

Heyyy y’all. I’ve been away for a few weeks and I’m gonna tell you why. Something unexpectedly tragic happened to me and my family. I lost my FIRST cousin in a house fire. If you’ve been following my YouTube Channel, Address NOT Suppress Series, there’s one particular segment where I talk about my Family. InContinue reading “Losing my cousin, Jessica LaTrease Jones”

I cut/removed my 5-year-old locs!!! @phetteogburn #ShortHairDontCare #Tapered #Shaved #Natural

Hey y’all, In the vid below, I talk about how/why I removed/cut my locs. Some people are still under the impression that locs are “permanent” and cannot be removed. I will say that it is a super tedious process but not at all impossible. This happens to be the 3rd set I removed. I beganContinue reading “I cut/removed my 5-year-old locs!!! @phetteogburn #ShortHairDontCare #Tapered #Shaved #Natural”

Betrayed Book One Part FIVE is FINALLY here on #Smashwords & @AmazonKindle! Coming Soon on @NookBN! #amreading

Originally posted on The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard:
I’m still reeling from my #SneakReaders making Betrayed #22 at I know this book is wayyyy late and I’m so sorry about that. Actually I had this book ready a week and a half ago, but a lot of negative talk prevented me from really…