1st short: Daddy’s Girl (Is A Hoe) is LIVE NOW!!! | @phettehollins #GetNaked

It’s finally here!!! The 1st short in my series of webisodes. Let me know what y’all think. This is a Movement. Let’s have a discussion. Let’s #GetNaked  

4 Reasons Why I Needed A Break

It has been a while. Like…2015 a while, since my last post. Soooo…happy holidays, Merry New Year, and all lat. Most of us have lots of things going on and have to juggle and do balancing acts to ensure things flow. Because, the reality is, we all get the same 24 hours in a dayContinue reading “4 Reasons Why I Needed A Break”

Big Girl Panties & Sexy Specs | #PhetteHollins

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions, handle what life throws at you. When that happens, it’s time to be a big girl & pull up/put on your big girl panties. Orrrr, as I also like to say “Put on your Sexy Specs.” Watch the vid to see what I mean.

The INFP (Healer & Idealist) in Relationships | @phettehollins

It’s July 5th y’all. Did y’all eat a lotta grub? Not me. I had a business meeting then ate some regular ol food. #IntrovertedProblems Meanwhile, I posted a vid about how my personality type affects my relationships. Please ck it out & let me know what ya think!!! Find out your personality type —>>> MBTIContinue reading “The INFP (Healer & Idealist) in Relationships | @phettehollins”

Love Languages | @phettehollins #LoveLanguage #Communication

Great day y’all!!!! Do y’all know about the 5 love languages? If you’re obsessed with assessments like I am, I’m sure you’ve run across this one. Knowing your love language and that of your partner’s is paramount. Take the quiz for ya self: Love Language Quiz. In addition to that, knowing who you are asContinue reading “Love Languages | @phettehollins #LoveLanguage #Communication”

I was invited to a birthday party…this is #EPIC | #AddressNotSuppress #phettehollins @phettehollins

Hi y’all! Guess what? I was invited to a birthday party. 🙂 I talked a little bit before about my ex-husband’s side of the family and how after the divorce, they divorced me as well. My ex-husband and I struggled for well over a year to get on the same page, and I’m happy toContinue reading “I was invited to a birthday party…this is #EPIC | #AddressNotSuppress #phettehollins @phettehollins”

My Upcoming Web Series | Table-read and Meet & Greet | @phetteogburn #WebSeries #WebShow @YouTube

Hiiiii!!!! Did you have a good weekend? Was it fun? Was it productive? Yesterday was the table-read slash meet & greet for my upcoming web series. And, as expected, 2 of the MAIN characters weren’t able to make it. It almost messed up my mood, but I kept it moving. I arrived at the libraryContinue reading “My Upcoming Web Series | Table-read and Meet & Greet | @phetteogburn #WebSeries #WebShow @YouTube”

Celibacy — 3 Reasons why I’ve chosen to do so | @phetteogburn #AddressNotSuppress

Happy Sunday. Happy day. Any day on the sunny side of the dirt is worth rejoicing. I had a very rough weekend, so I’m a bit exhausted. However, I refused to let that be an excuse to not make a Blog/Vlog post. Today’s topic: CELIBACY Sexual abstinence from some or all aspects of sexual activityContinue reading “Celibacy — 3 Reasons why I’ve chosen to do so | @phetteogburn #AddressNotSuppress”

Who Am I & Why I’m Sharing My Story @phetteogburn

Happy It-Looks-Like-It’s-Gonna-Be-Snowy-and-Wintery-In-Michigan-Forever Sunday!!!! I spent all day yesterday packing and moving, so my hair is a mess, hence the furry, purple, faux Kangol I’m rocking today. But anyhoo… Who Am I I am… A WRITER, STORY TELLER, PASSION SEEKER, PASSION ENTHUSIAST. What this means is: I feel most comfortable writing than I do speaking. IContinue reading “Who Am I & Why I’m Sharing My Story @phetteogburn”