#AddressNotSuppress |What is your aura? What type of energy are you putting out there? @phetteogburn

Aura – a distinctive air or quality considered to be characteristic of a person or thing. What is your aura? What type of energy are you emitting? About 10 years ago, it hit me. Even though I was told several times by different people, it finally hit me…I was exuding a sexual aura. Not inContinue reading “#AddressNotSuppress |What is your aura? What type of energy are you putting out there? @phetteogburn”

The Author Formerly Known As…Phette Ogburn

Happy Sunday y’all. I’m back again with a super short post & vid. Some of you may have noticed that my website is http://www.phetteogburn.com and my Facebook is now Phette HOLLINS. Why is that? My married name was OGBURN. When I got divorced almost 2 years ago, I went back to my maiden name. IContinue reading “The Author Formerly Known As…Phette Ogburn”

How I found my passion & how you can, too! — @phetteogburn

Heyyyy…and, did y’all enjoy the weekend? Mine was spent having a sleepover for my almost 8 year old (her birthday’s tomorrow, 9/15). They had tons of fun and actually didn’t stress me out as much as I thought they would. As I was cleaning up the mess my daughter made hiding in my closet asContinue reading “How I found my passion & how you can, too! — @phetteogburn”

My many personalities…ALL are authentically ME! @phetteogburn

Hiiiii!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this Labor Day. I’m off work today, but I’ve been working on my new home: unpacking, putting up pictures and finally got around to getting my blinds put up. It’s finally feeling like home and starting to look lived in. 😀 This week’s vid is is about my many personalities andContinue reading “My many personalities…ALL are authentically ME! @phetteogburn”

What is your pain trying to tell you? @phetteogburn

Hi y’all. I’m back. The reason for my one week delay is because my laptop is semi-functional and causing me some grief… For a couple of days, it wouldn’t allow me to log in. Now that I’m able to log in, I have to be crafty and minimize the programs I’m working in just rightContinue reading “What is your pain trying to tell you? @phetteogburn”

Reflection ~One Year Later: 5 Things I Learned After the Divorce @phetteogburn

Happy Monday!!!! Let me say off the rip, please excuse the quality of this video. I recorded it late last night with no natural light (which works best for my webcam). This is not a comprehensive list, but just a few things I’ve learned since my divorce a year and a half ago. 1. PaceContinue reading “Reflection ~One Year Later: 5 Things I Learned After the Divorce @phetteogburn”

Author Imprints|Superstar Authors I Dig @sylviahubbard1 @kaiology @JPSimmons @Rayven_Skyy @pcbrown09 @TC_Mattison @SoulofaWriter

Happy Sunday!!! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. This video is dedicated to those authors who’ve left an imprint/impact on me. I began my author journey in 2010 and published my first book in August 2011. These are some of the authors who have offered words of advice in regards to publishing, editing, writing, etc.,Continue reading “Author Imprints|Superstar Authors I Dig @sylviahubbard1 @kaiology @JPSimmons @Rayven_Skyy @pcbrown09 @TC_Mattison @SoulofaWriter”

Are your words helping or hurting?|Watch your mouth!!! @phetteogburn #VerbalAbuse #TongueLashing

Hi!!!! This episode is about watching the words that come out of your mouth. Are you mindful of what you say? Are your words healing or hurting people? For many years, I was known for having a sharp tongue, cussing folks out and cutting them with my words. I often did this when I feltContinue reading “Are your words helping or hurting?|Watch your mouth!!! @phetteogburn #VerbalAbuse #TongueLashing”

Address NOT Suppress Healing Series: Family @phetteogburn

Hey y’all, A few months ago, I announced on my YouTube Channel that I would be doing a series called Address NOT Suppress, a healing series. This series will essentially be documenting my healing journey and getting to the essence of being a better ME. I saw a therapist yesterday, who I believe will notContinue reading “Address NOT Suppress Healing Series: Family @phetteogburn”

I cut/removed my 5-year-old locs!!! @phetteogburn #ShortHairDontCare #Tapered #Shaved #Natural

Hey y’all, In the vid below, I talk about how/why I removed/cut my locs. Some people are still under the impression that locs are “permanent” and cannot be removed. I will say that it is a super tedious process but not at all impossible. This happens to be the 3rd set I removed. I beganContinue reading “I cut/removed my 5-year-old locs!!! @phetteogburn #ShortHairDontCare #Tapered #Shaved #Natural”