Holli Shorts



Short films, Plays, Public Service Announcements and Video Vignettes designed to inspire, encourage and invoke emotion and depth leading to uncompromisable change around the world. HolliShorts are written with the “open mind” in mind, intentionally created using current events, untouched topics and issues that affect the lives of everyday people. Each HolliShort is unique, bringing its viewers to the intersection between the “freedom of speech” and “endless possibilities of hope” while delivering messages underscored by truth and power leading the “eyes that see” to SEE greater happenings. Born out of a desire to empower the world to think free’er and to connect to what matters, creator and passion enthusiast Phette Hollins uses her inner vault and creative gifts to give the world something they can feel. They are hardly short but perfectly packaged to deliver real messages in their most rawest and abbreviated form.

Daddy’s Girl (Is A Hoe) is the first short in a series of short films, skits, PSA’s, and a one-woman stage play in the #GetNaked Movement.