I’m BAACCCKKKK —with a Video Blog & other news @phetteogburn

Happy Monday, Let me say that I am so super sorry for being away for so long. During my absence, I’ve gone through a divorce, began a new relationship and have been doing some intense soul searching — which I’m going to share in my new video blog launching October 1st — along with myContinue reading “I’m BAACCCKKKK —with a Video Blog & other news @phetteogburn”

#Book #Review of: Strawberry Mansion by Julia Press Simmons @JPSimmons

Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story by Julia Press Simmons My rating: 3 of 5 stars Tabitha, Lisa, and Shanice are best friends. They’re as thick as thieves. Shanice is my favorite. Her feisty attitude and no holds barred demeanor set her apart from the other two. Initially, it was difficult for me to relate toContinue reading “#Book #Review of: Strawberry Mansion by Julia Press Simmons @JPSimmons”

My #book #review of Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones @JumataEmill

Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones My rating: 5 of 5 stars Never Dead is a haunting (literally) story about newlyweds Emerson and Danielle McGee who relocate and take residence of Emerson’s grandmother’s house after she passes away. Almost immediately, Danielle notices something strange and menacing lurking about in the home when she is confrontedContinue reading “My #book #review of Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones @JumataEmill”

#Book #Review for ~IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!

โ€œIt Could Happen To You โ€ was a book of trilogies , that was intriging with a twist. I like the way you did the spin on each story, making the reader want more โ€ฆ.I give it 5 stars !!!!! A very good read especially if someone just likes to read a good book ,Continue reading “#Book #Review for ~IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!”

#Interview on @RedRemoteTV ~8/15/12

ย  Interview on the Red Remote TV Show Happy Thursday, Last night, thanks to my wonderful publicist Kelly Greene, I got a chance to interview on UDetroit’s Red Remote TV Show and, let me just say, it was super fun!!! I was able to witness some of the young talent in Detroit as well asContinue reading “#Interview on @RedRemoteTV ~8/15/12”

Book Review for IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. @phephi

I was so impressed by this book of short stories, but wished it was longer. I finished reading the 3 stories way too fast and was left looking for more. I loved, loved, LOVED the first 2 stories, last one was kind of left thinking “meh.” But what is really great about these are theContinue reading “Book Review for IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. @phephi”