Website Makeover, Merry New Yr & all that good stuff…#2013 #update

Here it is the end of January and this is my first post of 2013. Though my intentions are good, I know I must be diligent when it comes to blogging/writing/expressing regularly (a semi, sorta New Year’s Resolution, but I don’t wanna call it that on the grounds I may jinx it *wink). My timeContinue reading “Website Makeover, Merry New Yr & all that good stuff…#2013 #update”

*Exclusive Excerpt 4 my loyal fans/subscribers #InnocenceGA #novel #wip #readers

I want to say thank you to all of you have been patient and followed me on this writing journey. I could not have done any of this without you. To show my appreciation, here’s a never before seen Innocence, GA Prologue for my novel in progress, Innocence, GA. Please let me know what youContinue reading “*Exclusive Excerpt 4 my loyal fans/subscribers #InnocenceGA #novel #wip #readers”

My #book #review of Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones @JumataEmill

Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones My rating: 5 of 5 stars Never Dead is a haunting (literally) story about newlyweds Emerson and Danielle McGee who relocate and take residence of Emerson’s grandmother’s house after she passes away. Almost immediately, Danielle notices something strange and menacing lurking about in the home when she is confrontedContinue reading “My #book #review of Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones @JumataEmill”

#Book #Review for ~IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!

“It Could Happen To You ” was a book of trilogies , that was intriging with a twist. I like the way you did the spin on each story, making the reader want more ….I give it 5 stars !!!!! A very good read especially if someone just likes to read a good book ,Continue reading “#Book #Review for ~IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!”

#Interview on @RedRemoteTV ~8/15/12

  Interview on the Red Remote TV Show Happy Thursday, Last night, thanks to my wonderful publicist Kelly Greene, I got a chance to interview on UDetroit’s Red Remote TV Show and, let me just say, it was super fun!!! I was able to witness some of the young talent in Detroit as well asContinue reading “#Interview on @RedRemoteTV ~8/15/12”

If your book is a movie, who’s in your dream cast?

Let me just start by saying that the Self Publishing Team are magnificent when it comes to all things “writing.” So, I thank them for this blog post idea. If my short story S&M: Sexts & Messaging were being made into a movie (which, by the way, it is –>SEE! –but I digress) my dreamContinue reading “If your book is a movie, who’s in your dream cast?”