#Book #Review for ~IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!

β€œIt Could Happen To You ” was a book of trilogies , that was intriging with a twist. I like the way you did the spin on each story, making the reader want more ….I give it 5 stars !!!!! A very good read especially if someone just likes to read a good book ,Continue reading “#Book #Review for ~IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!”

My #Review of Beautiful Disasters by @msdawnjasper

Beautiful Disasters by Dawn Jasper My rating: 3 of 5 stars View all my reviews The story started off strong. Anika Connors was independent, smart and determined. She refused to let her feelings toward her father hold her back. I identified with her insatiable sexual appetite, but got lost along the way. I was thrownContinue reading “My #Review of Beautiful Disasters by @msdawnjasper”

Customer Reviews for IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU

I feel truly blessed and honored to be receiving such positive feedback from my first book of short stories: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! For those of you who have read it and haven’t left a review, please, don’t be shy. I appreciate the personal text messages and Facebook wall posts. I do. But ifContinue reading “Customer Reviews for IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU”