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Haven’t gotten your copy of Innocence, GA yet? Well, now is the time. Use this code UB56M when you mosey on over to SMASHWORDS to download your copy. Hurry, this offer is only valid until Sunday, March 30th. The discount will apply when you click “BUY” at checkout. Take advantage of this savings NOW, or,Continue reading “Get 25% off NOW when you use this code UB56M. Download #InnocenceGA #Fiction #Drama @Smashwords –HURRY!”

**IT’S HERE –Innocence, GA is available**|#ebook only #Kindle #Nook #Smashwords

It’s here. It’s here. It’s finally HERRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! If you’ve been following this journey, then you know I’ve been waiting for this moment for almost 2 years. This book is so important to me and personal for me. While this book is fiction, it has many truths in it as well, one being the first timeContinue reading “**IT’S HERE –Innocence, GA is available**|#ebook only #Kindle #Nook #Smashwords”

Why I wrote #InnocenceGA @phetteogburn ~Available MARCH 1ST #Kindle #Nook #Smashwords

Hey y’all, In this vid, I talk a little bit about the concept behind my upcoming book INNOCENCE, GA. Hopefully, you’re all caught up with all those juicy excerpts I’ve been posting for the past SEVEN WEEKS. Tomorrow, excerpt EIGHT will be released and is going to be the FINAL freebie. That’s because INNOCENCE, GAContinue reading “Why I wrote #InnocenceGA @phetteogburn ~Available MARCH 1ST #Kindle #Nook #Smashwords”